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Crockpot Chicken Ranch Tacos

Ok so last week you I told you that I was trying out a recipe on Pinterest: Chicken Ranch Tacos.

Well let me tell you something... the Mister and I L.O.V.E.D. them. I made a few alterations so I'm going to list my version here as the link to the recipe on Pinterest is different from the picture and instructions.

Ingredients (for 1 box of 10 count taco shells):

 2 chicken breasts

1 can of black beans

1 can of chicken broth

1 packet of spicy taco seasoning

1 packet of spicy ranch

Taco Shells

OPTIONAL: Spices of choice (I sprinkled some onion, crushed red pepper, garlic seasoning as well... but only a dash)


1 Tomato



Sour Cream


1. I had my chicken already thawed out - so I chopped it up into pieces and tossed 'em in the crock pot. If you have frozen chicken breasts, I bet just tossing em in frozen and tearing them up later would work too.

2. Sprinkle the taco and ranch packets overtop the chicken in the crockpot.

3. Add beans & chicken broth to crockpot.

4. Cook on LOW for 6 hours (if using frozen chicken, maybe add some time to it). FYI: I set mine to go on "Warm" after the 6 hrs is finished...

When you're ready to eat...

5. Cook taco shells (follow instructions on box). The Mister likes crunchy so we went with crunchy.

6. While shells are cooking, chop up that tomato & lettuce and get the cheese and sour cream out of the fridge.

7. Fix up your dish and enjoy!

The mister ate a TON of tacos and we both decided it was a hit. So easy and so flavorful! We also think it could be served over Spanish rice in the winter as that juice in the crockpot was DELICIOUS.

I for one, love, love, love nachos so I broke up a few shells and poured the chicken and beans mix (along with the juice) over my broken up shells and topped accordingly (sorry I didn't get a pic of those because I inhaled them).

Alright! for real... this is one to add to your Easy, Last Minute, crockpot meals! I just thought I'd post what we did differently from the original recipe and the Pinterest Recipe!

Much love! I'm off to Kentucky for the week! can't. stinkin. wait.

See you on the flip side!

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23 weeks & Counting

Hello friends!

I am happy to report that Functional Grey is more than just functional, it's beautiful & I love it!

It's a little darker in real life than it is in the above picture! And the color makes all of the white furniture and accents in the room pop! Right Mil? The room definitely has a clean feel to it now.

Also now that grad school & middle school has settled, I've been able to cook more! Which The Mister appreciates as I feel as though I've starved him pretty much from February - NOW. Thanks to Zofran and week 22, I can now prepare raw meat again without urking. So my recipe board on Pinterest is finally being used again - whew I missed it! Last week I tried out these...

And honestly, they weren't horrible but they weren't fantastic. I mean, they were good... just nothing spectacular. The Mister and I both decided that these would be great appetizers at a party if I tweaked the spices a bit, but still... nothing to write home about.

But tonight I'm trying out these and I'm pretty excited to see how they turn out!

Now - per the usual I'm altering the recipe just a bit. I plan on doing it in the crockpot like pinterest suggested, not what the original recipe suggested. AND I added some black beans to the crockpot. I almost added a can of Rotel... and still might do so towards the end if I think it needs some more kick to it. Also, I used the Spicy Ranch packet instead of regular... but plan to still use regular ranch dressing at the end. All that to say... if this recipe is a hit (which I'm hoping it will be!) it might going into the regular rotation. I have semi-high hopes for this one... I mean, how can you mess up a chicken ranch taco??? ;)

 Speaking of messing things up... I also had a cake disaster this week which may or may not have involved me yelling profanities in my kitchen, shedding a few hormonal tears, and having the Mister laugh at me from the living room (Husbands take note: laughing at your pregnant, hormonal wife while she is cursing/crying/RUINING a layered cake is not the wisest choice... just fyi). Looking back it was quite entertaining... but at the time I was not thrilled. I would've taken a picture of my two layered cake that ended up in a casserole dish as a crumble cake... but I was too furious and hormonally imbalanced to recognize the humor at the time. hehehehe. It still tasted good... but... yeah... pretty it was not.

Ok and now for what you've all my mom has been waiting for... pics. Again, I'm wearing a dress that makes me feel "skinny" - in light of going to the doctor this week and seeing that I've officially gained what an entire 40 wk. singleton pregnancy is supposed to gain... I've been a little sensitive in the growth department. But again, am thankful that my body is doing what it is "supposed" to do. All that to say... black is a pregnant girl's best friend... Also please excuse the no make up.

Side View:

Front View:

Alright folks... Let the countdown begin...

3 days til my sil and nephews arrive in RDU.

5 days til we fly out to KY. 11 days til our return.

13 days til KY comes to visit RDU.

And 11-15 weeks before these babies are born (Lord Willing... that is our goal!).

Much love,

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Good Eats


Alright - as promised here are TWO recipes that I tried over break that now I can't live without.

Like everyone else in the world, it's a new year and although I'm not making any resolutions, I would like to try to eat better. So I've been hunting on Pinterest for a few new recipes that could be healthy snacks. So I found one, and then created another.

When I was on vacation this fall with my family, my brother's MIL, Pam, made some fantastic homemade granola bars. They were packed full of nutrients and had less sugar than the bars you'll buy in store. So since then I've been on the hunt for a good recipe & I found one!

Homemade cliff bars from Enlightened Cooking!!

So I immediately jotted down the recipe - made a few personal alterations and headed to Whole Foods for a fun trip.  (Side note: while there I did pick up 6 boxes for Fruit Rope... don't judge me. They were on sale 2/$5.  Glory.)

(don't judge the diet dr. pepper in the background - this is what gets me through my classes).

Seriously, this is the easiest recipe ever. You simply mix it together, stick it in the fridge for a few hours, then cut it up and wrap it in foil.  Check out the recipe and give it a try! They're great for an on the go snack and it's great knowing all the nutrients that you are getting!

Ok the second recipe was my own little concoction. The Mister got a hand press juicer which means that I've been LOVING having fresh juice in the morning. So the other day I got back from the gym and wanted a smoothie, but didn't feel like going out so I rummaged through my fridge/freezer to see what I could make.

So I found a grapefruit and an orange in the fridge.  And then I found frozen blueberries from Uncle Willy's blueberry farm & some frozen strawberries. So... Since I already had some frozen items, I didn't need ice! :)

So I pressed the orange and grapefruit...

I tossed approximately 1 cup of blueberries, 1 c. of strawberries, and the juice from the fruit in a blender...  No yogurt, no extra sugar, straight fruit. Since then I've added spinach, flaxseed, etc., but used frozen fruit for the "ice."  But the original 4 fruit smoothie is my go to if I'm in a hurry or just want something fruity.

And Voila...

 Fruity, tangy, yummy goodness in a cup. The mister tried it and he likes things sweeter (not tangy) so for his, I added banana to take off the tang. But for me - no way. Give me tang.

So those are now two staples in the Salmon house - in fact I'm making another batch of homemade cliff bars this afternoon before class.

Hope you enjoy these!

Much Love,

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