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Trying to jump back on that horse...

Well, it's about that time folks... I've been "running" for the past few weeks (if you call 2 sllllllooooooow miles a few times a week running). I'm really trying to jump back on that horse (trying being the operative word). The mister, Pil, Dad, Mista Mike, & I all ran a 5k on Thanksgiving & that was a lot of fun... but it was the furthest I've ran since having babies (and it was a struggle) and I haven't ran that long since. BUT, next week starts the beginning of training and I have to admit... jumping back on that horse again is a bit scary. Ok... it's entirely scary because I just can't seem to find my rhythm again. I know you have to find a new rhythm when you're pushing a jogging stroller... but still... it's just not clicking like I thought it would! I'm super slow and struggling. Plus my posture is just weird... I just can't figure it out!?!

As a result, I've been putting this moment off for weeks months & it is FINALLY time to get back into running shape. I have two half marathons in April and even if I didn't... It. Is. Time. Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 10.21.40 PMPlus I'm not gonna lie, some of my added motivation is to get rid of those final baby lbs. For all you singleton pregnancies out there who only gained 25-30lbs and are judging me right now for my 70+lb weight gain...  go ahead... judge away. But just know that I am secretly sitting on you in my head. ;) All that to say... It'll be nice to get back to my wedding weight and getting back in running shape will hopefully help!

So you runner moms out there, if you have any tips... I'd love to hear them! It just hasn't started to feel "normal" again and I still feel like my games a bit off. Could be my lower abs were sliced open a few months ago... but I feel like I'm far enough away from surgery to where I can't keep using that as an excuse. I also can't keep eating for three either... hehe ;) SO lay it on me... any suggestions? Tips?

Over and Out.

Much Love,

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CFA Race Series

Running friends, I have some exciting news. The Mister's Chick Fil A is hosting a race!!!! (Loud cheers, screams, jumping for joy!!!).

And I would've told you about it sooner, but I was in mourning that I couldn't run it due to Parr A & Parr B keeping me off the road and near el toilet. SO.... I'm sorry for being selfish, but now that I can tell you why I won't be running it - I feel the freedom to advertise it!! ;) It's really going to be a great race!

Here are the facts (all of them retrieved from the race website):

Race Options: 1 Mile, 5k, 10k

Date: Saturday March 24th, 2012

Time: 8:00 am (not too early! Amen?!)

Where: Milbrook High School, 2201 Spring Forest Road, Raleigh, NC.

Cost pre-registration: $25 per Individual (1 Mile and 5K), $30 per Individual (10K), $75 per Family

Cost of Walk Up Registrations: $30 per Individual (1 Mile and 5K), $35 per Individual (10K), $90 per Family

Schedule of Events:

7:00am - Registration and Runner Check In Opens

7:50am - Registration Closes

8:00am - 5K and 10K Start

8:30am - 1 Mile Fun Run Start

Awards and Prizes to be Presented Following Races

Yall, one thing that I LOVE about Chick Fil A is that they are continually giving back to the community.  This race benefits The Cure Starts Now and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation in honor of Ella Newmiller - a sweet girl in our community who recently lost her battle with this disease. Over the past few years, our CFA community has supported this family and raised thousands of dollars for this cause and I'm thrilled to play even a small part & hope you will too! You can read more of Ella's story here.

For folks with kids, there will be a family fun zone at the end of the race with lots of family activities! So you can wait there while you cheer on your spouse, friends, or other family members. And yours truly will be serving Sal's SnoCones with my favorite Mil in the Family Fun Zone! So when you're done running you can come get a snocone and see the Parrs (hopefully I won't be bulging too much then!).

All that to say - whether you're a new runner or an experienced one - we have a race for everyone! (i didn't mean to rhyme... but I'm so leaving it in there). Come walk/jog the 1 mile fun run or you can race my Pil in the 10k. Watch out, he'll own you.

So drop what you're doing and go read about the race HERE and register HERE.

See you on the 24th!

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Studly Runner Give Away

Ok, by now I think I've already established that I adore the Studly Runner Blog. Marcia is a running, skating, athletic guru who spills her life on her blog. It's really incredibly entertaining AND encouraging!

Well today she's doing a give away - and you know how much I love give aways for athletes!! So without further adieu, go to her blog and check out the great pair of Lotus Power Pants and comment a few times to enter! ;)

(Pic taken from Marcia's blog... )

Much love & Good Luck,

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