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"I'll never..."

You know what you're looking at here???


No? Well look again... and look closely. Because these are two pastor's kids.


You heard me. As of today, the Mister is officially employed by The Summit Church and is the associate pastor at the Cary campus.

Watch out for these two yall. ;)

If I made a list of how many "I'll never...'s" that have actually come true in my life... it'd be an interesting one. (That would make quite the entertaining blog post... maybe one day... anyways). Let's just say that this pk said on many occasions - "I will never marry a pre-sem student, seminary student, pastor, etc." Also, let's add "I'm never having kids" to that list as well. Welp. I might not have married a pre-sem student... but I definitely snagged myself a seminary student and here we are... 3 years later with 2 babies and employed by a church.

God has a sense of humor doesn't he?

But let me just tell you something, I couldn't be happier that the Lord laughed at my "I'll never's" and gave me a healthy dose of "Not your will but mine." I'm so thankful that He didn't allow me to carry out "MY plans" and gave me something so much sweeter. We are thrilled and excited to be serving the people of Cary and the folks at Summit.

Absolutely THRILLED.

And a new chapter begins...

I hope y'all have a Happy Wednesday. I'll be spending mine eating crow. ;)

Much love, Picture 3



Like the new look? I gave the blog a simple make over last night. I hope you like it! :)

Well yesterday was a FUN day. A lot of exciting things happened.

First off, the Mister has been surprising me lately with these lil blocks... and I woke up and found one in the kitchen! They just absolutely make my day. I know it's always going to be a good day when I wake up to one of these lil' gems.

YOU are...I mean, how can they not make you smile?

THEN... the salmon roe & I went to pick up....


Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 11.53.10 AM

Grammy & Papaw!!!! HELLO exciting. And they're going to be in & out, about & around this week, which is always a fun time.

AND THEN... we took the girls for their 9 month check up and something magical happened...

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 11.55.55 AM


Such a beautiful thing.

YES... That's right people... my girls are on the growth charts in every area EXCEPT Noel's height. ;) When I saw these numbers, I remained calm outwardly, but you all should know that inside I was dying to scream and dance and have a little party.

And then release a HUGE sigh of relief. Because let's all be honest. Mama's, we worry a lot. And Mama's of preemies, well, we worry about growth and catching up. So to see this kinda progress... I was PUMPED.

The Dr. was also really pleased with their growth and said that he thinks that they'll officially be "caught up" probably by their 15 month appointment. I know that some of yall are like, "Awesome. So what's the big deal?" And honestly, that's probably what I would have thought prior to having preemie babies, but now that I have had my own, it's just the little things that make life soar. We have SO SO SO much to be thankful for. The girls have been SUPER healthy and haven't had any complications, so I know that in comparison to other preemie journeys... ours has been a piece of cake. But it is reassuring to go in and have your hopes confirmed (and your worries subsided), and for that... we are praising God and celebrating that growth, for we know that every good and perfect gift is from our Father!

(Side note: For those of you moms out there right now who are wrestling with many of the challenges that come from having premature babies, please know that I don't take these moments for granted. I hope these moments of confessed joy don't cause you a twinge of pain, but rather I pray it gives you a sense of community. I pray that when one of "ours" is growing, we can all celebrate together and when one of "ours" is wrestling, we can grieve and fight together as well. Please know that I am frequently reminded to pray for you & would love to be able to be a part of your supportive community. You can leave a comment or shoot me a message and I'd love to contact you.)

Big. Sigh.

Yall this week is ridiculously busy... The Mister's bday, Mother's Day, Uncle Dubs and girlfriend L's graduation, My parents in town, BIG life transitions that will be announced later... and no I'm not pregnant. All that to say, I'm hoping to take some time to capture some of these moments in word/picture... but we'll see. The girls are getting into a consistent & simultaneous nap routine (PTL), so I'm hoping to be able to whip this blog into SHAPE in the next few weeks! ;) I wanna get This Sassy Salmon up and running again...

We'll see what happens...

Much love and wishing GROWTH to you all,

Picture 3

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Picture 19

This weekend was an absolute blast! Seriously!

First off, The Mister only gets 1 Saturday off a month... and since Sundays are full of church items... that is the only day a month we have to sleep in and just hang out as a family with NOTHING to do. Needless to say... that 1 saturday is G.O.L.D. And this past saturday was amazing.

 We "slept in" and by slept in I mean we tended to our babies and then the four of us all played in bed. So actually... no, we didn't sleep at all... but we were all in bed chilling together as a family. Which was awesome.


Be still my heart. I love these three.

I guess you start to take some things for granted until they're taken away... ie. lazy saturdays. Anyways, we were having a grand time... and the next thing you know... we were texting with my in-laws and the Mister and I decided to take a last minute trip out to the Salmon Homestead. So we fed the babies, packed up a billion items for the kiddos, hopped in the mini cooper van (cooper would've been so much cooler... I know), & rolled out towards the coast.

It really was such a fun weekend. A few key things to note about this trip other than it was overall an awesome time.

(1) The babies not only got to see their grandparents, but their great grands too! Special memories.

(2) They learned how to roll over (They being the babies... not the grands).

That's right folks... Baby girls can roll over. For any of yall who had babies who kept flipping over in their sleep WAILING and thus waking you up at all hours of the night... you know how big of a deal this is. This has been a LOOOOONG time coming. And what's even more exciting. I got both flips on video. Now... I would post them online for you to enjoy but (a) the girls are naked... and I feel like naked baby videos on the world wide web could attract some sketch attention & not to mention the girls MIGHT kill me when their older (so I'll skip the video and just post this adorable picture of their bums below instead), AND (b) let's be honest, no one else is really amused by a video of our girls flipping over other than me, The Mister, and a few of our family members. It is enough to say that they flipped over... and we were thrilled.


But here is the cool thing to note... they BOTH learned how to flip over within just a few minutes of each other. Weird right? I've heard that a lot of twins conquer these milestones around the same time (like within the same week/month), but I just think they're weirdos for doing EVERYTHING together within minutes of each other. It's super cute. I hope they keep it up with some of their other milestones!

(3) My PIL makes the best lattes ever.


(4) We mixed up the girls TWICE.

Truth. It's not something I'm proud of, but it's true. :) In fact, on the video of Noel flipping over we're calling her Felicity the whole time. It's awesome. We didn't realize it til afterwards. Then the next day, I did it again! I handed MIL a baby and told her the wrong name. We held the girls for about 45 minutes til I looked down at my baby and said, "Wait a second, you have Felicity. I have Noel!" Sigh... I'm sure it won't be the last time!

Alright yall, I hope you all had wonderful weekends!

Much love,

Picture 3