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My almost Facebook rant... #RightToLife

Yall, I don't get political on my blog... but I'm going to for the day. And it might make some of you new friends enemies... and I hope that isn't the case because I believe in a society where we can disagree (even quite passionately) & live together. This was almost a facebook status until my rational stopped my emotions from committing a serious social media crime (in my book). I abhor political facebook statuses. A LOT.  I didn't want to feel like a hypocrite,  alas I went to my blog instead. After all... it is my blog & I can do what I want to, do what I want to, do what I want to! You would write too if it happened to you. Oh wait... wrong song. Anyways the point is you can stop reading at any point and leave (whereas Facebook is a little in your face and a status can just POP up out of no where and assault your eyes ;) ). So I'm giving you fair warning. If you choose to read my blog - awesome. If you choose to stop now and come back later when it's a post full of cute pics of the twinsies - that's awesome too! If you choose to unfollow - that's ok too. It's a risk I'm going to take... although to be honest, we've got to get better about just shutting out people we disagree with. But the point is... you know yourself and know how much politics you can handle... so proceed accordingly.

If you read the news, you know that some political drama went down in Texas (and other areas of our country) this past week. Here's the thing... I just can't believe that having an abortion after 20 weeks is allowed in our world of science and technology.


I've seen ultrasounds of what two "fetuses" look like after 20 weeks. I've heard two precious hearts beat simultaneously. I've seen them kicking each other, bouncing on their sibling's head. I saw them, with my own eyes, interacting with each other inside my belly! I watched them suck their thumbs and learn to "drink" the amniotic fluid. I hurt for the women who have abortions (especially after 20 weeks), because I know that the lie of "it's only a fetus" just isn't true. The perks to having mono-di twins is that I got AWESOME high tech ultrasounds every other week and I got to watch these tiny lives develop and grow weekly. The truth is, there are few political "hills" I'm willing to die on... but this hill... this is one I'm not budging from. I'm all for women's rights to CHOOSE everything (equal jobs/pay, healthcare, birth control, EXCELLENT reproductive healthcare), but choosing to end a LIFE. Nope. Not budging. Wrong is wrong is wrong. Paint it however you like, but I've seen too much LIFE to be told otherwise.

The fact that we can't get a bill passed in some areas of our country to save babies that are being aborted AFTER 20 weeks BLOWS MY MIND.

IMG_0562Oh and one more thing... you tell me that an abortion is ok after 30 weeks and I'm not sure I'll be able to contain myself. I try to disagree respectfully. But alas, I've held two 3 1/2 lb LIVES in my arms and without a doubt, they were real babies. So it'll be pretty hard to convince me otherwise, and all those weeks nursing my sweet BABIES to health might make it a touchy issue. So if I get a twitch in my eye and look like I'm about to turn into an angry mama bear... you might want to give me a little space and allow me to cool down and remind myself of my goal to always disagree respectfully... even when discussing life & murder.

Ok. Rant done. I promise I won't get political on here again. But come on people...

Lord Jesus come quickly...

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A Toms Rant...

Ok... Friends... I love TOMS. A lot. I just need you to know that before you read my rant.

When I graduated from college (when Toms was a baby company) I applied to grad. schools, interviewed for jobs, and a TOMS internship. I love love loved that place. Anyways, I got the internship but ended up turning it down for graduate school. Needless to say it didn't stop my adoration at all... I still have multiple pairs and even got my first pair of wedges this past Christmas! Just last night, some of our friends were mocking TOMS and I got a little defensive on their behalf!

All that to say... I've been a HUGE fan and supporter for a while now.

TOMS has built an empire of faithful followers based on its stylish footwear and their 1 for 1 deal (you buy a pair, they'll give a pair to a child in need). Here's the thing though - I think they're getting a little too big for their britches.

Hear me out...

I have been counting down the days for TOMS Ballet Flats to make their arrival into the world (& thus into my closet), but when I went to check 'em out this morning and saw these beauties...

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...My mouth dropped at their price: $74-84. WHAT?!!!? For flats? That aren't orthopedic? That can't make you fly? That are made of burlap/linen? Come on. You have got to be kidding me.

I thought the same thing with their sun glasses last year - but excused my shock at the cost because I NEVER buy expensive sun glasses because I know they'll just end up getting squished by my bum in my car (happens EVERY time).

But still - I'm noticing a pattern. New TOMS items are being released at a higher price. What??? & Why??

A few questions for Blake Bycoskie, TOMS CEO:

Why in the world are you charging $80 for a shoe when you can still make them and do the 1 for 1 deal at $48? 

How much of the profit actually goes to those in need? (don't get me wrong, I'm ok with you making a buck or two - but for real... don't get greedy and still play the 'We're humanitarians' card.) 

Are you trying to pretend to be elitist and forsake the people who made you popular?

The Mister called me this morning on his way to work and I immediately told him the cost of the shoes and he said, "Maybe its time to be done with Toms?" and as sad as that made me... I'm beginning to wonder if he's right! He, too, is a lover of Toms - but we've got to draw the line somewhere.

I'm all about companies making a profit and still giving back to the global society - but if I want an $80 pair of shoes, they're going to be shoes that I can wear in the rain, made of legitimate material, give me arch support, and will last me 3 years (Clarks anyone?).

And I'm just not ok with TOMS leaving their support base and trying to make their products "elite" - ESPECIALLY considering our economy and how the middle class is shrinking. I bet if they surveyed their initial fan base that got them to where they are today they wouldn't find a bunch of rich hipster brats. Nope, it'd be the every day college/grad student, the normal hip mom/dad, the family who loves the 1 for 1 approach.

Ok rant over... but Blake Mycoskie, give us back what TOMS used to be & you'll have my loyalty again. But for now, you have a customer that looks upon her favorite shoe producer with suspicion and doubt.


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Parents & their Trampy kids

I saw this article being tossed around on twitter today and HAD to share it with you. I'll let the title speak for itself, but as always I have to add my piece. :) There were times I wanted to strangle my parents for being strict with what I wore growing up, but I appreciate it so much more today. Yes, there were times I was out of style and wished I had been a little bit more "in," but I'm neither scarred nor in therapy. :) Instead I'm thankful that I learned to base my self-esteem not in my looks, getting attention from men (twice my age), or feeling sexy.

I love that I had a daddy who was protective of me and my wardrobe - even though there were times when we disagreed on what is/isn't appropriate. And thankfully, I had a mom who modeled what "appropriate" was! I'm so grateful that my mom wasn't trying to dress like a sexy teenager while I was going through my teen years. Yet somewhere along the line, I've seen family friends and church friends have children and allow their daughters to dress like prostitutes and mtv real-world wannabes.

LZ Granderson wrote THIS article and it was amazing, but here's also what I would add:

Moms, quit trying to be your daughter's bff (and living vicariously through her) and start being her mom. When she's 20-something, a friendship will flourish and she'll thank you for it. Until then... be her mom.  And dads, get protective. If you won't stand up for your daughter, who will? If you aren't setting the boundaries of self-respect for your daughter, who is? If you're not helping her develop her self-esteem in the proper things, who is and what are they teaching her?

And for those of us who are Christians, let's not pretend like we're off the hook here and that it never happens in our circles. I've seen some pretty trampy 13 year olds in the churches I've attended and I'm appalled to see the photos that their parents are "liking" on facebook. Pictures of them in string bikini bottoms and push up tops are inappropriate at any age.  It isn't "good clean fun" when minors are looking like porn stars on the internet. There's nothing good or clean about it if I'm not comfortable having my husband look at their photos. Think about it, if people will pay money for magazines of ladies posing and dressed similarly to some of the photos I see on facebook, we're allowing our daughters to be lusted after for free.

I'm getting off my soap box now... but seriously when a secular news outlet is verbalizing that it's a problem, it's time for action. Enjoy the article... it's amazing.

Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps. Check it out.

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