Procrastination Station

Hey folks, Well thus far today I've cleaned my kitchen, bathroom, and have done laundry. I've also ran a few errands and have ignored my project that must be finished tonight by 5pm. Ooops. I did read all of the chapters and pdfs for class tonight... so that's something, but still... I'm ignoring the inevitable.

In order to continue the procrastination I thought I would share a few things that I am LOVING today and this weekend.

1. I love fresh flowers... love 'em. I currently have them placed all throughout our apt. Look...

And the great thing about all of these flowers... THEY WERE FREE! The flowers from the first 2 photos were from our friends Leslie & Derek's yard. And the bottom ones were from a wedding we attended on Sat. night! I love me some fresh flowers... LOVE it.

2. My Dad is a nut and for that, I love him. I was trying to brainstorm on what to get my mom for her birthday next week & this is the response I get from him. Notice these are all things that HE would want:

Yup. That's right. 3 very realistic ideas... NOT! "No pressure here, just give us grandkids & if you can't do that, I'm sure mom would love a nice set of tools or an ipad." Note to self: when brainstorming for gifts for mom, don't ask dad. that man is crazy! an absolute nut that I love.

4. This candle from bath and body works. I got 2 for $10 last week and I LOVE it. It's making our room smell heavenly.

5. Mr. & Mrs. Mike McDaniel!!! I just love these two people and was thrilled to be at their wedding on Saturday evening. It was one of the most fun evenings for me in a long time. I met these two crazy cats at my old church and just fell in love with the both of them separately and couldn't be more excited that they fell in love with each other. GREAT couple. Great location (West Club Campus & Durham Farmer's Market). Great Fun.

Plus, it was like a mini-summit reunion for me! All the folks that I loved from my old church were there. It was so fantastic to get to catch up on life, dance together, and celebrate the marriage of Jamie & Mike. It was such an encouraging night for me!

6. Henry the Hummingbird. I made a friend a few weeks ago while studying on our apt. balcony. My toes were painted a bright pinkish red and henry the hummingbird thought they were flowers and tried to drink my toe that was propped up on the table. I took the hint and put up a hummingbird feeder and have only seen him twice & am DYING to catch him in the action on camera. But seriously, I love this cute little guy. Henry might be giving the mister a run for his money.

Ok, I have to actually finish my project now... But I hope you have a spectacular Monday!

Much love!

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