Nesting in Functional Grey

Tis the season for nesting, mainly because I'm approaching (1 week away!!!!) week 24 which puts me in my 3rd trimester. Rumor has it, anything goes with mono-di twins once you get there so I'm trying to be as prepared as possible. The good news is our doctors are PUMPED about the girls' health and growth. Evidently these lil' ladies are growing like rock stars and are looking good. Not to mention that my cervix is holding up quite nicely despite the amount of weight it is now carrying. Woop! We are SO SO SO thankful. It's amazing, with all that "could" go wrong with this pregnancy we really have been spared. It is definitely something we do NOT take for granted. All that to say, as I have my first and only out of state trip coming up I'm trying to get things knocked out. Next week I'll be in Kentucky all week and then Kentucky is coming to me the following week... so it's going to get crazy up in the Salmon house.

So today, we (the in laws and I) are going to paint the nursery! I woke up at 2:30am this morning and couldn't sleep so I had an early start at Lowes. Seriously... who knew that store would be hopping early on Wednesday morning??? [And I would like to add that I was told by a 70-year-oldish man, "Young lady you have the pregnancy wobble down pat" (I'm pretty sure he meant waddle, but since I do love the wobble... I went with it). I really don't think I waddle yet... maybe i do... but I'm pretty sure I don't. Either way, it has inspired me to remake the wobble music video into a pregnancy dance renamed the waddle. Can you picture it? Good, I wanted to scar you with a visual image of me doing the wobble at 30 weeks. ;) jk jk jk... maybe.] I digress... Anyways I stole the color from a friend's dining room and walked right in and said confidently, "I'll have the functional grey by Sherwin Williams." and the kind man looked at me and replied, "We don't sell Sherwin Williams." Oh... well shoot. I didn't know what to do with that so I just turned around and started looking at the grey chips telling my hormones that it's not a big deal, no need to tear up... I'll find another grey that is beautiful. Alas after looking at chips for about 20 minutes and almost having a panic attack not being able to remember what Functional Grey actually looked like... the kind man said, "What color did you say you wanted? I think I can match it for you in our system." To which he did and handed me a gallon of paint. Whew... meltdown avoided. I'm pretty sure he sensed that I was close to asking him for his opinion on nursery colors and he probably just picked out a random grey that would appease me. If this is the case... I'm ok with it. ;) Regardless, this is what functional grey is supposed to look like. I'll let you know afterwards if my trip was semi-successful.

More nursery prep... Yesterday I purchased a fun load at Joann Fabrics for some crafts I want to conquer with the Mil and Ma when Kentucky comes to town... Here's a shot of a few items I bought. Any guesses on what I'm making????

AND this is very exciting... I purchased two mobiles off of Etsy!!! EEEEEEEEK. I helped watched a good friend make one of these last year, and she swore to me that in order to ever make one again she'd have to get paid $500 because it was a nightmare. All that to say, we found someone a LOT cheaper and less stressed out. ;) Plus, I love handmade mobiles. They make my heart happy. Here is a photo of the mobiles we purchased, but we got them in different colors than pictured below...

And last but not least, I've been doing some sewing for the girls. It is SO weird to sew things for our babies... I've been sewing things for others and it is just absolutely absurd that I'm sewing items for our own children. I can't get over it sometimes so I just pretend like I'm sewing for someone else... and then stick the items in the closet. Weird.

Alright, I'm off for a quick nap (hopefully) before we get to cracking on the nursery... holy cow that just sounds weird. I can't believe we have a nursery... I can't believe we're having twins! AHHHH! So crazy and exciting at the same time!

Peace. I'll be back tomorrow with a 23 week pic! Much love,

Posted on June 6, 2012 and filed under Twinsies, Motherhood, Crafty.