Color Me Rad & Easter

Happy Easter Everyone (a few days late... I know... I know)!

I know it's a little late for an Easter post... but I'm going to rock one anyways. :)

I had a fantastic weekend celebrating Easter... and one of the highlights was celebrating the birthday of a good friend, Kristi! Kristi is a fun-loving friend of mine and I pretty much adore her. One of the things I love about her is her LOVE for all things fun in life. I know, with certainty, that if I'm doing something with Kristi, by golly it is going to be a good time. So when Kristi mentioned that for her birthday she wanted to start a new year with a Color Me Rad run... I thought it was brilliant, but didn't think I could pull it off with the girls. So when I found out that my inlaws were in town and able to keep them... I WAS PUMPED.

So we (Me, Kristi, & her hubby Jake) got up early... drove to Greensboro, NC... Zumba'd a little during the pre-race party... and then we were off to run a 5k while having folks throw colored corn-starch at us. Needless to say... it was a pretty awesome time!


If you have the chance to run one of these fun-loving races... DO IT!!! & do it with someone fun... like Kristi! ;)

Then Mil & Pil and some close friends in our small group spent Easter Sunday with us! It was great! The girls received their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny (aka... KiKi & Gdaddy) and they were adorable to watch! They loved playing with all of the packaging!


Then since someone (and by someone I mean... me) OVERSLEPT on Easter Sunday (let's just take a moment to talk about that... WHO SLEEPS IN ON THEIR BABIES' FIRST EASTER????... My in laws were taking the first feeding... bless their souls... so I hit the snooze button and then assumed I would just lay there for a few seconds... it didn't happen like that... 50 minutes after I hit the snooze button I woke up in a panic) we only had 40 minutes to get all of our Easter rituals done and get ready and leave for church. So all that to say we didn't get a lot of pics of the girls in their Easter dresses. :( Mil & I had gone shopping last week in search of Easter dresses and I have to say that I LOVE what we found. Yet because we were in a hurry, we only took pictures on our iPhones, but no worries... I plan on sticking the girls in them again here in the next week to capture some of the details with a better camera. We did get a quick family photo though! I think this was right before Felicity (right) spit up all over the Mister as we were getting ready to walk out the door. Classic! :)


The Easter sermon was really good, although I must confess I have a hard time paying attention when we bring the girls into the service with us. I am SO ready to be able to put them into the church nursery! But still, even though I was slightly distracted, I was still really encouraged! Plus our church had over 170 folks baptized! A-may-zing.

Alright... that was our Easter weekend in a nutshell! Much love to you all! He is Risen!

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