Adoption :: Just Do It.

Ever thought about adoption but haven't taken steps towards it?

If so... can I chat with you just for a second? Like let's pretend this isn't social media and we're chatting heart to heart over a warm cup of coffee?

My friend, there are children, all over this world in dire need of a FOREVER family. Children, made in the image of God. Some birthed by biological parents who love them but for a variety of reasons CANNOT care for them like they would like to. These birth parents make such a brave choice to choose life and forever families for their kids.

Other children are orphans. Some who have lived their whole lives in orphanages and some who have vivid memories of a home that will never exist again.

These kids NEED forever families. NOW.

And yet many of us wait til the "perfect" time, the perfect season. We wait until our bank accounts are full and our home is just the right size. Meanwhile, children are waiting while we get our situations comfortable enough to add another without feeling any hardship.

We hide behind wisdom, protecting our comfortable kingdoms, rather than giving our lives away doing the CRAZY thing at an "inconvenient" time. We hide from or put off doing the hard things that show Christ's love in the most tangible way. You see sometimes the GREATEST faith stories begin in utter chaos, in unplanned messy storylines, with broken characters saying YES to a good Father in spite of all the many earthly reasons to say no.

Friends, not everyone should adopt. Not everyone should foster. But if you've been on the fence, if you've been praying about it, maybe this will be the nudge you need. Contact an agency today (if you're NC based I highly recommended Christian Adoption Service ). Don't let comfort or "your" plan stand in the way of the crazy beautiful adventure of adoption.

He is a Father to the Fatherless & protector of the widows. THIS Is God in his holy place. Ps. 68:5.

Much love,

Posted on December 7, 2016 .