November's Over - Now What?

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November was National Adoption Awareness Month and I have LOVED reading all the stories that have been highlighted these last few weeks. But now that December is here, the work in orphan care and prevention must continue even after the spotlight is gone.

I want to encourage you to continue reading about Adoption and Foster Care and how to support adoptive families. In order to help, here are some articles that I think are really valuable to the conversation surrounding adoption. Some were written by friends, others by me, but hopefully all of them will help you in learning more about adoption. The last few links are to videos produced by an organization I highly respect called BraveLove - if you click on nothing else, at least watch these videos.

More Than a Political Stance: Adoption and the Pro-Life Cause

18 Things Adoptive Parents Think You Should Know About the Process

Don’t Protect Yourself from Adoption

3 Ways Your Church Can Participate in Orphan Care and Prevention

What Adoption Has Taught Me

How Birth Moms Display The Father’s Love

When God Opened My Eyes: The Grace of Exposure and the Need for Orphan Care

How Foster Care Became a Priority Just in Time

3 Joys & 3 Difficulties in Our Adoption

Bittersweet Reflections on our Call To Adopt

The Beauty and Brokenness of Our Adoption

Adoption Myths (video)

UnWanted (video)

Together We Are Motherhood (video)

My hope is that this list will be a blessing to you and help motivate you to help continue the work year-round!



Posted on November 30, 2018 .