Welcome to the wonderful world of Sassy. 

My name is Brittany and I'm a twenty something mom living in the great state of North Carolina. My husband (whom we affectionately refer to as the Mister around here) and I are parents to identical twin daughters, Felicity and Noel. And we live a crazy, imperfect life, surviving each day through God's grace and lots of laughter. This website is a picture into our crazy lives and you never know what you're gonna get!

It's gets a little crazy on here, but we hope you love it. This is our homepage, where you can find a little bit of everything! Click around, catch up on our blog, and see if you'd like to shop awhile. And when all else fails...

Stay Sassy Y'all. 

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Expecting Twins? Click here for our fav resources!

Expecting Twins? Click here for our fav resources!

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