Weekend Review

Alright folks, it was a packed weekend and I had so much fun that I wanted to share it with you! Such a good weekend. :) Friday night Ben took me on surprise date to 18 Seaboard in downtown Raleigh. We both had never been there before, but Ben had heard great things from one of his coworkers. They were right, 18 Seaboard is GREAT! It's pretty swanky and is on the more expensive end, but it's worth it if you're looking for a great location with equally fabulous food.  Ben ordered the Snead's Ferry she-crab soup & the Tanglewood Farms chicken, and I ordered the Spinach Salad & the Pecan-crusted mahi and grilled shrimp with a honey pecan butter sauce. Everything was FABULOUS, but the she-crab soup was to die for.  I could write a whole blog entry just about that soup, but I'll spare you. Let me just say, if you go there and don't get the soup... it's your loss.

To top off the night, we ran into some of our dear friends' parents and at the end of the night when we tried to pay for our bill, it was all taken care of! *GASP!* I've never had that done before! Such a sweet gift. Great food, good service, fantastic ambiance, AND our bill was taken care of?! Who could ask for more?!

I didn't bring my camera, but here are some shots of the restaurant. So pretty.

We topped off the night by getting some Hot Krispy Kremes and taking them to our dear friends, the Renstroms. No we weren't invited over, but we're a fan of dropping in and crashing... :) especially if food is in hand. It is always so enjoyable to hang out with them and catch up on life.

If that was the end of our great weekend, I would have been content! But our Saturday was just as great as our Friday evening. We went shopping with Ben's grandparents Mog Maxine and Granddaddy JT. What a hoot (and yes, I did just say "hoot")! These two are so much fun to hang around. For Christmas they took us to the mall and gave us  money to spend (what a great idea, right? Time with the grandkids and no need for gift receipts!). Needless to say, Mog and I marched our way into one of my favorite stores, the Loft, and we didn't leave that place until all of the money was spent. :)

After we conquered the mall, we went to another favorite place of mine: the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. MMMM. We bought a few apples and then took Mog & Granddaddy back to our place to enjoy the apples around our Christmas tree! Those two are hysterical. I wish I had kept track of all of their one-liners! What a great day!

Anyways, this post doesn't have a "theological point" BUT it was such a fun Christmasy weekend that I wanted to share it with you.

Much Love - B

Posted on December 21, 2010 and filed under Family, Ordinary Life.