Wedding - Check. Buddy and Nikki are happily married. :) Edenton was so amazing that Ben & I definitely want to go back for a weekend; It's such a quaint little town! I'm thinking we might need to take a weekend and go finish our independent study projects there. Peace & Quiet. London - Check. Well I made it here. I'd post a picture but I forgot my camera (or temporarily misplaced it). Forgetting things is definitely the theme for me this weekend. I'm super bummed that I forgot my camera though... seriously. I guess it's better than leaving other things.

Aside from forgetting other things, exiting the girl's restroom and walking straight into the men's restroom, getting frisked, and having a slight run-in with a stroller, I'd say I'm doing just fine traveling solo, I'm just a little sleep deprived. :)

Today is an airport day. I have an 8 hr. layover and was tempted to go exploring the city BUT after a little investigation, I realized that the cheapest roundtrip taxi would cost $78 and it'd take about 55 minutes (almost 2 hrs both ways!). Plus with lunch and other expenses it might cost me over $100. So it seems like I'm going to be camping out here for the day. $100+ dollars for a 1-2 hr. excursion is just not justifiable. It's ok though, bc that just means Ben and I will have to take a visit to this fun city on another day. Plus it gives me time to finish up book 5 of Harry Potter and work on some other projects.

Well, I'll update again in a few days... but for now I'm going to take a much needed nap. I've sprawled my junk across a few seats and have made quite the cozy nook by the Starbucks. Yes that's right... Starbucks - Check.

Much love - B.

Posted on January 9, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life.