Learn Something New - International

Ok... it's only wednesday and I feel like I've learned a lot of new things:

1. Turkish women usually don't leave their families until they get married. Sorry Dad, you should've lived in Turkey if you didn't want me disappearing post-high school.

2. The "different" grape juice I've been drinking the past few days isnt' grape juice, it's cherry juice.

3. I've learned a few new words. I'm going to try a few more before my little excursion on Friday.  Right now I've got these three covered.

teşekkürler - Thank You

merhaba - Hello

Üzgünüm - Sorry

I also plan on learning before Friday: "Help me, I'm lost," "Can I use your phone" & "Sorry, I don't speak Turkish"

4. My straightener gets hotter here with the converter than it does in the States. I had to learn the hard way: I singed my hair. Ooops.

Ok that's all for now, but I'm sure I'll learn a lot more this weekend. I'm going into the city to see a dear friend and it's about an hour away. Instead of catching a taxi, I'm going to try to master the bus system and see if I can make it to her. I have to take a taxi to one bus station, and then hop on one bus and then get off at a dif. station and catch another. :) hehehehe... Seeing as I don't speak ANY turkish (other than the few words above), this is going to be a fun little adventure. I can't wait!

Much love - B

Posted on January 12, 2011 .