So, I don't know if you remember my NYR's. No worries, I don't expect you to, ha, I barely remember them myself. But one of them, #3 to be precise, was to learn how to sew well.  Well I've put the machine to use... I attempted to make a pillow prior to my turkey trip and that was disastrous. Seriously awful. I don't know if it's even recognizable. But, I jumped back on the horse when I got back and made my first burp clothe. Thankfully, it is somewhat presentable. I'm doing sets of three and this is the 1st one of a set I'm making for my sister-in-law. I thought I'd show you pics of the front and back. I took these with my phone... so don't judge. I'm just so excited I wanted to share them with yall!

Also to update you on my training for my marathon (also a NYR), I'm jumping back on the saddle. Turkey was a slight hiccup, as was the month of December... Ooops. So I've been trying to put the miles back on my legs in light of my previous laziness. So far it's been going good. I ran on Fri., Sat., & Mon. and thus far haven't felt too out of commission. The test will be this saturday... I'm going to shoot for a longer run. We'll see how far I actually get. I'll keep you updated, and as always, if you feel like giving to the cause check this site out.

Much love to you all!

Posted on January 25, 2011 and filed under Crafty.