Weekend Review: Kids & Bonhoeffer

This past weekend was a BLAST. A couple from our small group went on a little weekend getaway and we had the privilege of getting to hang out with their three kiddos for a little bit. Friday night we took them to a State baseball game and the boys were so much fun to watch as they tried to grasp the rules of the game. Here are a few shots of the kiddos enjoying some cotton candy (Thanks to Mr. John and Mrs. Kim - aka. my fabulous inlaws)!

We handed the kiddos off to another couple in our small group, Kelly & Eric, for the midnight shift, and then came back the next day for round 2. It really was a lot of fun! Although we did have a few "WHOA" moments while driving around in a minivan with 3 kids in the back - it was like a brief glimpse into our future (don't get too excited Ma & Mil... we're talking distant future). I thought I carried around big purses, but after hanging with these kiddos and carrying 3 sippy cups, a pacifier, a box of cheerios, some extra wipes & diapers I realized that I will definitely need to upgrade a bag size once we start having kiddos. Definitely.

In review: Great kids, wonderful weather, fabulous weekend.

On a completely different note: our small group has been reading Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and I wanted to share a quote with you that I love:

"God has willed that we should seek and find God's living Word in the testimony of other Christians, in the mouths of human beings. Therefore, Christians need other Christians who speak God's Word to them. They need them again and again when they become uncertain and disheartened because, living by their own resources, they cannot help themselves without cheating themselves out of the truth."

When I read this... I was so moved because I realize how true this is in my own life. I am so sinful, that left to my own thoughts I would cheat myself out of understanding the truth of Scripture rightly. It is a common occurrence in my life when I find myself going down a dangerous path where I have to have someone point out that I'm straying from truth.

Community not only serves as a reminder of truth, but it's also a joy! I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have people who are willing to speak into my life, but it doesn't stop/start there! They are also willing to spend time with me & Ben, open up their lives, and bless our family by adding us to theirs.

The folks in my small group and church are an encouragement to me in many ways and I pray that each of you have this in your life as well.  For as Bonhoeffer quotes Psalms 133 in his opening chapter:

"How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!"

Much love.  Happy Monday!

Posted on February 21, 2011 and filed under Family, Ordinary Life, Spiritual Journey.