Friday is for Fun

Today is great.

Let me tell you why:

1. I'm off work today. Since I'm headed back to Turkey tomorrow for the week, my awesome bossman gave me the day off to pack and see my husband.

2. I am SUPER excited about this... We are over halfway to our goal!! YAY! Thanks to friends and family who are making a difference in Kihuura, Uganda. I am so excited about seeing God move in that community through your giving. As of January, they've already been able to make some great progress! You can read this previous Training Update to catch up!

3. I'm having one of these for breakfast:

This is no ordinary smoothie. It's the Mangofest smoothie with a minor alteration: substitute strawberries for the pineapple.  Seriously, fewer things make me happier these days than a great smoothie post-run (or any other time).

4. I'm wearing my new sparkly TOMS, thank you Mil.

5. My to-do list is not only functional, but fun. Yes I have to clean, pack, & finish laundry... but I also get to finish a few sewing projects, find some girl scout cookies for a sweet friend in Turkey (any suggestions on how I can get my hands on some last-minute??) the hubby found some!, hang out with my handsome hubby before going through withdrawal, & enjoy this beautiful North Carolina weather.

Seriously... I told you so... it's a great day.

I hope your friday is as splendid as I hope mine will be.

Much love to you all... I'll talk to you on the other side of the ocean. ;)

Posted on March 4, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life.