Whirlwind Weekend

Yall... a lot happened this weekend. On Friday I left a snowy Istanbul and by Saturday evening I was in Raleigh in 70 degree weather in a cocktail dress & heels. It's crazy to me how much a difference a day can make. Crazy.

So in honor of the crazy changes that occurred all in one weekend, I'm going to highlight just a few.


1. My plane ride from Istanbul to New York was insane. I could tell you the full story here, but I just don't think it'd do it justice. What you need to know is the following:

  • I was surrounded by at least 9 people who got "cut off" from the free flowing wine by hour 4 of a 12 hr. flight.
  • On my row of three, 1 person, after being cut off, broke into their duty free bag of liquor & didn't stop drinking until an entire bottle of whiskey was gone.
  • Around hour 5 or 6, this person sneaked into a dif. part of the plane and retrieved 3 glasses of wine from a dif. flight attendant who wasn't aware of their current cut-off, highly intoxicated state. Then she proceeded to hand out the wine accordingly - even though both the nice Turkish man beside her and I both politely and repeatedly declined.
  • Approximately 30 min. later the wine was knocked over by our lovely drunk friend & I'm searching the plane for paper towels and cleaning her while she tells us about her visit to her online Turkish boyfriend. Yes, this 2 week stay in Turkey was their first time meeting each other & living together. She wanted to know whether or not we thought they had a future together, all the while she would use multiple Muslim stereotypes and was incredibly offensive to our Turkish friend.
  • Not long after this story, she starts sensually running her fingers through the hair of my poor Turkish friend and gives him a backrub. I've never seen a man so uncomfortable in my life. Needless to say, after removing her hand repeatedly and graciously... she eventually passed out around hour 8 or 9.
  • Upon arriving in JFK I was met by a crazy lady SCREAMING at the Delta people at my gate... Travel Day Fail.

To say it was a long trip is an understatement. I've never been more happy to get off of a plane in my life.

2. Lindsey & Brett got married! It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding and I wanted to share a few photos of some of my favorite things about it. (1) Sweet Elijah & Hudson were the stud ring-bearers. They were AMAZING! (2) That cake made by Christie Haas was not only beautiful... but DELICIOUS. and (3) the reception was in the top floor of the Wachovia building overlooking Raleigh... GORGEOUS. We are so excited for Brett & Lindsey!

3. For my learn something new I have 2 things. (1) There is a Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt place right behind the place I get my hair did. That is GREAT news. Also, a lady from our church works there and she informed me that they sell the packaged froyo from the night before for $1.50... HELLO!?!? That made my life.  (2) Smoothie King closes at 7pm on Sundays... I learned that the hard way.  (Can you tell I'm going through a frozen yummy goodies kick?)

Anyways, that was a quick summary of my weekend! Much love to you all.

Posted on March 14, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life.