a Farmers Market day

So today I had to make a quick trip to the courthouse in downtown Raleigh... I know... sad right? And you're probably wondering why so I'll just go ahead and tell you that it involved me having no clue that my tags & insurance expired. Embarrassing... I know. One of the joys of being an adult is actually paying attention to that stuff now without my sweet dad reminding me. Lesson Learned.

Anyways, after having the nice people at the courthouse inform me that since I learned my lesson (ie. renewed my tags) I didn't have to pay my ticket fee (can I get a Hallelujah?)... I walked down the street and saw this:

Hallelujah (#2)... it was the downtown Farmer's Market. Just what I needed to celebrate being ticket free. Amen and Amen.

So as I perused the fresh veggies, bread, & cheese (yes... I did refrain from buying cheese... it was a serious display of self-control... but I managed by reminding myself I only had a couple bucks in cash on me and that my sweet hubby loves veggies)... I ended up at a fresh herb display. Hallelujah (#3).

Which means that I bought some yummy plants for our new garden. And by new garden I mean our mulch that sits by our patio. But look...

Voila! Doesn't that just look like fun? Basil... Cilantro... Some dying squash and zucchini plants I plan on saving... It's going to be great! I haven't quite figured out where I'm putting them yet, but for now... right there beside our hose is just fine. The Mister is going to come home and be very confused at our newly decorated mulch. :)

Of course I also bought some peaches for a Labor Day cobbler (get excited Washburn's & Hovis's) & some fresh veggies to make for my hard working hubby one night this week. I could post pictures of them but I'm going to assume that you've seen corn/squash/peaches before and although the counter in my new kitchen is quite stunning... I figured since this is already a picture heavy post I'd spare you.

But... I will show you my most prized find at the market!!! Hallelujah (#4), it's a pretty strawberry plant that I got for FREE. That's right people. I got this baby for FREE. It was the end of the day and the nice lady at the herb stand let me have this for free since I bought so many herbs and had a crush on the strawberry plant. Do I know how to keep a strawberry plant? No, but that's what the google and all of my green thumbed friends are for (yes. I did just say the google. No. It was not a typo.).

So after that I made a quick trip to Lowes to get some soil and a few gardening tools that I've been lacking to set up our backyard. While I was there I saw this hanging plant and got super happy so... yes... I took it home with me and put it next to my hummingbird feeder. If you remember, I've been slightly obsessed with hummingbirds ever since Henry the Hummingbird tried to drink my big toe a few months back. The mister has enabled my obsession by giving me an older feeder from his family's lake house. I've had it up since we moved in, but alas Henry has not followed us to our new home. Hopefully there will be a sighting soon. Anyways... I hope the pretty flowers help seduce Henry to the feeder. Here is the end product:

So you could say that I've seriously procrastinated my schoolwork done some significant nesting today. Now if only I could get our closet organized.

Alright, I'm off to class and then off to celebrate a sweet friend's birthday with a girl's night! Hallelujah (I've lost count...).

Much love and Cheers.

Posted on August 31, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life.