2011 Christmas Review

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. Sorry the blog took a holiday vacation as well. ;) But it was busy!

Let me just tell you about it...

First off, part of the Donald side came to town the week before Christmas! My parents, Grandma Hannah, and my Mimi all came to visit and celebrate! We had such a great time! Needless to say, while I had them here I wasn't going to take away time from them to update you - so I'm doing it now!

Mom and I did what we do best when we get together: Shopping at the Outlets. Amen? Amen. That was my Christmas gift from my parents and it was one that I enjoyed thoroughly. Then since Dad shares a birthday with Jesus, we got to celebrate it while he was here by taking him to a hockey game. It was so much fun!

Please excuse the photo quality - they were taken from our phones... But seriously, don't I have the coolest grandma's ever? Look at them... They're hanging out at a hockey game like rockstars!

But all good things must eventually come to an end and Ma, Pa, and the Gma's left and I went through a day of mourning an empty house...

But the empty house syndrome didn't last long because it was time to get excited for Christmas with the Salmons! Seriously I don't want to brag but... I heart my in-laws and LOVE that I don't have to dread spending time with them during holidays. I'll take every second I can with them. Anyways, The Mister and I hopped in the car and headed to the home of the World's Largest Frying pan.

So if you remember I had some realistic and unrealistic Christmas gifts on my wish list... you might also remember the 300000000092341237132184723841728347 hints about wanting a puppy... I might not have gotten a puppy (which is ok... The mister just isn't ready for a jumping bundle of hair and slobber) but I definitely got another one of my unrealistic wishes!!!!

Voila! A road bike!

And you should know that I've already taken it for two rides and have ran into one bridge and fallen off of it once. Goodnight... the hills in my neighborhood almost killed me today! I think I need lessons on how to ride a bike again - stationary spin class is just not cutting it. Plus this bike has a few more gadgets than the one I had when I was 8 (the last time I rode a bike... Lord help me.). But... I'm pumped to figure this bad boy out and try out a few sprint triathlons this Spring! Yay!

We had a lovely time with the Salmon family and then headed back to Raleigh since the Mister had to work. Which meant that my sweet husband had to miss out on going to the Bowl Game with his family. :(

So since we couldn't go to the game, we had ourselves a little tailgate party of our own here with a few friends.

So we watched the game at home, ate lots of chili, and our Wolfpack pulled through with a W!  It was a goodnight for all the Salmons.

And I think that catches you up to the here and now!

I'll be around more often starting next week once school is back in session and I want to procrastinate doing homework. ;)

Much Love,

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