Crazy times


So some of you have been asking what I've been up to other than just hanging out with my babies over the past few weeks/months... and I think that's a fair question! Hopefully the babies won't overtake the entire blog once they get here... even though let's all be honest... they're going to be making a lot of appearances. But still... I'm hoping to maintain some sort of normalcy eventually.

Anyways... what have I been up to other than hanging out by the toilet or staring at ultrasound pics? Well... the good news is... I've been able to do a lot more thanks to my good friend Zophran . I still get sick, but have been throwing up less so that drug has been really helpful.  I went for my first walk last week and that was pretty darn exciting. Seriously... it was a big accomplishment... all of you runner friends don't laugh at me. I also started student teaching last week so I'm now at a local middle school from 7-3 everyday and then I'm taking my grad. classes in the evenings - so that's taking up a HUGE chunk of my time.

I have NOT been cooking as I believe most food (other than fruit) is from the devil these days, so my pinterest activity when it comes to recipes is suffering... but have no fear I've found another board to shift my pinning energy:

And I went ahead and made a cute lil outfit for our sweet friend Eve (Caitlin and Carson's precious girl). Pillowcase dress? Yes please and thank you...

Also... something else that's been taking up some of the Salmon's time... if you're in Raleigh you're NOT going to want to miss the Summit Church's Good Friday Choir Concert. Seriously yall... I'm not just saying it because I'm biased... but for real... it's legit. You're not going to want to miss it. The concert's cost is $5 and ALL proceeds goes to an after school program for at risk youth that our church is involved in. The concert times are 6pm and 7:30pm and if you want tickets... Let me know and I can get my hands on some (if we don't sell out soon). Also... you should know that the Mister has a solo so you should come hear the handsome fella sing...

Also I am now a member of TMOTT (Triangle Mother of Twins and Triplets). It's an organization that serves mothers of multiples in the triangle area... WHO KNEW these things existed? Anyways, they have a HUGE consignment sale twice a year and one of them just happened to be this past weekend! :) So the Mil and I went in search of a car seat friendly tandem double stroller (BOB running strollers aren't made to carry TWO infant car seats at a time... so I'm going to have to have TWO strollers... a BOB for running and one for when they're in infant car seats... BOOOOHISSS BOB. BOOOOOOO).  WARNING: Please ignore the disheveled look... It was after 7 in the evening and any of you who have carried twins know that being out after 7 is a miracle in and of itself.

But LOOK!!! Two car seats and a double stroller!! We got it for a steal so I was PUMPED. I definitely stood out as a "newbie" to the club as I did have a fireman come up and inform me that their station offers free car seat installation... Something about me dropping a car seat or not knowing how to work anything might have given it away. My b.

Anyways... that's what's going on in our world...

much love!

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