The Discipline of being Disciplined


Today I'm going to get a little introspective on the blog, but hang in there... I promise it'll get somewhere.  

Let me let you in on a little secret. I am not the most disciplined person in the world. For those of you who know me well, you are nodding in agreement. Don't get me wrong, I can keep a schedule and color coordinate a calendar like it's nobody's business & I work hard when given a task, but being consistent in things that are hard or that I don't feel like doing... well... I'm not awesome at that. 

I also am an idea person. I love a good idea and setting goals and dreaming big. And I also am the type of person who is ok with failure. We've all heard the phrase, "Shoot for the moon, maybe you'll hit the stars." Well... I've always taken that to heart. Failure doesn't scare me most of the time, so setting big goals doesn't bother me either.   

So let's pause for a second an analyze the information I just gave you.  

I am...  a selectively undisciplined dreamer who is ok with failure

Not the greatest combo for success if I've ever seen one. :) 

Yet here's the great thing about this life. We get choices & we can change.  

One area that I've had an extremely difficult time becoming disciplined in after the girls' birth is running. I mean... I'm hot then I'm cold... I'm yes then I'm no... I'm in then I'm out... I'm up then I'm down... (Don't try to pretend you didn't go all Katy Perry on me when you read that). But you get the idea. Some months I'm all in. And the next month I won't touch my running shoes. 

But I believe it is important to be disciplined, because I believe that once you allow laziness to creep into one section of your life it can easily spread into other areas. 

And here's the thing. I know that I have every excuse to not do anything. I have two babies and they alone keep me busy enough to never leave our house. I have a marriage and it's important. I have friends that I like to see and church commitments that I can't show up to smelling like a gym bag. There are books to be read, shows to watched, movies to be enjoyed, recipes to be cooked. There are 1,000 different excuses I can come up with to not be consistent, but the truth is there is something to be said about being disciplined.  

One "self-help" way that I've learned to help myself when i'm trying to grow in an area is community. Seriously, my most successful running seasons were when I had a training partner. The same can be said for spiritual growth. 

So I've been dreaming lately of what I want this season of life to look like. And there are a things that I'd like to be more intentional in with our family and then there are few things I'd like to be more intentional in on the blog. I won't list them ALL here, but two areas that I'd that we'll be talking bout a bit more are (A) running AND (B) spiritual things. No worries, motherhood and twinsies posts happen so naturally that I don't have to be intentional about posting them. HA! So those aren't going away, we're just adding a few more aspects to The Sassy Salmon.  

So over the next few weeks, we'll be unrolling some new projects. One of which will be Truth for Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, we'll be addressing a Truth from Scripture that impacts the way we live our lives. A lot of these posts will be directly aimed at women, but I'm pretty sure we'll be having The Mister guest blog on some of these days as well! So stay tuned and sign up for our email updates to get notified of these posts and have them directly sent to your inbox!

There's no better community than the Body of Christ, but another one that I absolutely adore is the blogging community. I'm excited to start some of these new projects with you and see which ones stick, which ones flop, and what new projects and opportunities come our way!   

Have a great weekend yall! See you next week! 


Posted on August 23, 2013 .