Give Them Something Better

Hey friends, I have a confession to make.

I watch the Bachelor.

I know I know... Some of you are throwing up in your mouths a little bit. But it's true. I do. And guess what... so does my husband. It's an act of love... but don't let him fool you, I'm pretty sure deep down somewhere he really does love it too. I digress... So Monday night, after watching the "Women Tell All" episode... (stop snickering)... The Mister and I left it on ABC and a new show called Mixology came on.

(Now, before you think this is a rant against a show... Think again. I started the blog off with the confession that I watch the Bachelor for a reason. I'm not here to cast a stone. But I do ask that you hear me out.)

The story line (from what I gathered in the first few minutes) was about some single adults, all hanging out in an uppity bar, trying to find "love." I was semi-intrigued, but within the first few minutes, my intrigue turned into disgust. During the short time I watched the show (we turned it off before the first commercial even started), I witnessed the objectifying of both genders, a joke about rape (not funny), a divorce or break-up of an engaged couple living together because the girl was just "over it,” horrible relationship skills, lack of commitment, using people for sex, the encouragement of casual sex, and I'm sure the list could go on... but I wasn't watching the show initially to make a list of all things wrong with it. So those are just the things off the top of my head.

Now I'll confess, we only watched the first few minutes of the show before The Mister said, "this is dumb." and I dramatically replied "EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW IS WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR SOCIETY TODAY." (Slightly dramatic. I know. & ironic as I'm sure some of you are thinking the exact some thing about the Bachelor... I get it. Pot/Kettle. Both are black. I hear you. MOVING ON). So the show could have taken a less offensive turn for the better... but I just couldn't get over the objectifying of women so off it went. 

Here's the thing... the show really stuck with me. (again, I'm not writing this to tell people to boycott the show or write ABC. That's not what this is about - so please don't take it that way.) Today while running on the treadmill, I kept thinking about it. The casual joke about rape really bothered me. I mean, have we as a society really declined so much that on a 30 minute sitcom it's ok to joke about rape? I was heated. So while running & whining to the Lord about our culture, God brought to mind this concept: "Give them something better." 


And I chewed on that thought.

This show is about people seeking something... maybe love, maybe lust, who knows really... But just like the woman at the well, they are seeking to quench a thirst from a well that will one day run dry. And that’s where we come in. Jesus left behind his church and the Holy Spirit, & it is our job to proclaim His good news and to tell a better story worth hearing. It is our privilege to tell them about the hope that doesn't last just one night, and we have to change our game plan people. Standing on street corners with angry signs, boycotting restaurants, ugly facebook rants, horrible evangelistic tracts, well… they aren’t working. They don’t speak of the story we’re supposed to be telling! They speak of quite the opposite. Jesus didn't give the woman at the well a tract, he spoke the truest story into her life. He was kind and gentle. He didn't see the racial or gender divide; instead he saw a woman, desperately in need of a better story... HIS story. And she walked away a different woman. 

I want that for our world so badly. 

And so the Lord whispered to me today. Give them something better. Give them me. And I was inspired to do so. I want to speak a better, truer story into our society. I want to share the story of redemption. 

Of unconditional love.

Of forgiveness.

Of true beauty.

Of covenant vows and unbroken promises.

Of lives marked by inexplicable joy.

Of patience and endurance during trials.

Of families and friends who are not separated by race, socioeconomic backgrounds, or gender, but instead are UNITED in Jesus Christ.

And we can show them all these things, imperfectly, because we are all broken humans longing for ultimate restoration. But those of us who have hope, we are fueled to live these stories LOUDLY because of the good news found in the Gospel. So on that treadmill today, I left convicted to tell a better story… not my own story, but one that is not only better, but more glorious and simultaneously scandalous than we could ever imagine. Until all the peoples have heard...

Press on story tellers, Press on.

Posted on March 4, 2014 .