2015: Just Be

Y'all. I have a confession. 

I can't do the New Year's resolution thing this year.

I. Just. Can't. 

I love the change of seasons. The freshness of a New Year. And usually these transitions are great times to refocus, plan, and prepare. But honestly this year... I'm just not doing it. I'm not making a list. I'm not going to set standards, not because I don't think they're helpful... but because sometimes, there are seasons when you throw your hands up in the air and JUST BE. 

So while a lot of bloggers are sharing what worked for them, and what didn't in 2014... and what they're planning and using for 2015 to help them be successful in their goals... You're not gonna find that here. 

This year... I have no goals for this blog. I have no specific plans to grow spiritually or as a mom or a wife or a friend. Yes there are a lot of things I want to be better at...

I want to be a GREAT mom.

I want to be a gracious wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

I want to be a doting child of God.

BUT I don't need a list to make me better. Not because there's no room for improvement, but because God doesn't measure us by a list. He delights in us because of His son. Because He sees us as redeemed. So this year, instead of making lists for improvement, I just want to be... resting in the knowledge that I am redeemed, and that what God has started, He will finish. 

So 2015 will the year of no lists. No made up standards. No extra pressure. It's the year to just BE me, resting in the knowledge that...

I am a redeemed mom.

I am a redeemed wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

I am a redeemed child of God. 

And the rest of what 2015 holds, I'll leave in the hands of a sovereign God whose name is Jehovah Jireh. Yahweh will provide. 

Also... excuse any typos... as you can see... this is how I'm writing my first 2015 blogpost... These little rascals are a huge help. <3 <3 Love them so much. 

Happy 2015 and May you feel the freedom to JUST BE this year,

Posted on January 7, 2015 and filed under Ordinary Life, Spiritual Journey.