Days of Snow

The Sassy Salmon The Sassy Salmon The Sassy Salmon The Sassy Salmon The Sassy 

The Sassy Salmon The Sassy Salmon The Sassy Salmon The Sassy Salmon The Sassy 

Well hello Snowmageddon 2015.

All you yankees are getting a kick out of watching us southerners squirm... I hear you. But for real, we can't. handle. this. weather! And I'll be the first to admit it... I like my winters mild and with a touch of WARM. There's a reason I fled further south as soon as I received my college diploma. College was awesome... but it was stuck in the middle of a corn field in FREEZING cold Ohio. Loved the school, hated the winters. So off I went... to return to the South. My sweet tea loving, y'all saying, Bless Their Hearts, SNOW hating, people. 

Bless it. HOME.

And here we are. Snowed in for the second week in a row and I'm a little angry about it. The trulia app on my phone is worn out from all of my searches further south. No really, Florida, Texas, MEXICO... here I come. 

BUT thankfully there is ONE redeeming thing about the snow....

These two little ones LOVE it. And if they love it... I'll do my best to try to.

(Side note: No. I don't remember which one is which. #TwinMomProbs. But they BOTH loved the snow and loved eating it.)

AND... we have had SO much fun staying home with them. Ben has had quite a few days off from work, as have I! So we've made the best of it by making some fun new memories with the girls. Snow cream (Ben's specialty), sledding, and lots of movie watching. It's been a blast minus the whole cold, yucky, messy, stuck at home, can't feel my toes thing. 

We didn't have sleds so we had to improvise. The Fabulous Mr. Tom Hanks was kind enough to let us use his crate tray to sled down our icy drive way. The girls loved it but I'm not sure who loved it more... them or their dad. Ben was totally in his element...

...AND he may or may not have broken Hank's crate tray by sledding into the mailbox. Just don't tell him I told you so. 

 And although I was initially reluctant to join in on the fun... I'm so glad I did.  

We really had the best of times. So although I really want to be cranky about all of this... I'm really trying to be thankful for the opportunity to slow down. To stay home. To make memories. To spend time as a family. To see neighbors out and about. These days are rare, but they're beautiful. 

So Happy Snowmageddon to all my southern friends!

Hopefully we'll be back to our mild winters soon... until then, you can find me next to the fire, with a warm cup of coffee, searching Trulia dreaming of warmer places. 

Much Love,

Posted on February 26, 2015 .