A Day In the Life... Not Mundane


Let me just give you a day in the life of me and the girls. I can honestly say, that life has NEVER been mundane with them. When people talk about how mundane motherhood can be, I've never been able to identify. I don't know if it's the twin factor or just the fact that my children have lost their ever-loving minds, but mundane is never a word I use to describe our days or this season. 

Yesterday, we woke up at an hour that is reserved for monks and over achievers - of which I am neither. No really. Those people with kids who sleep in... I dream about you, but I have no clue how the dream ends because I'm woken up prematurely. All I'm saying is... I'm up EARLY. Sorry to my family members who get texts from me at the crack of dawn, and those of you in different time zones, you get extra apologies. I have no clue what I'm doing until at least 8am.  All that to say, by 7am we had cheerios and I can guarantee that at least one child was sent to her room for discipline, if not both. 

Leaving the house dressed and ready is a feat, so I threw my hair up and brushed my teeth, while my previously dressed & ready children stripped out of their clothes and ran around the house chasing The Fabulous Mr. Hanks in their diapers. So round two with the dressing and shoeing and whatnot... and alas we went to harass the wildlife at a local lake and walking path. Which usually is uneventful except for the incessant yelling at the animals and singing while we stroll (them... not me, just for clarification for those of you wondering).  Except this time, I let the girls take their baby dolls, which was precious until we got all the way around the lake and realized that we only had 1. So off we went traipsing back through the woods looking for that doll, which some sweet stranger had set up next to a tree so it wouldn't get trampled by other runners and dogs. And because. sweet glory, one of my children only has 1 volume level the entire lake heard the abc's and twinkle twinkle twice as much as they are usually subjected to.

With BOTH baby dolls in tow, we met our friend, Leslie, whom my girls affectionately call, "Aunt Weswey," for lunch. Where after having a surprisingly successful and uneventful lunch, one of my children proceeded to pretend to clean the table with napkins and knocked over a coke all over my friend's work attire. Thankfully, Aunt Weswey is like family, and has the ability to shake it off better than Taylor Swift. But still. My day is not mundane. Nope. Not at all. 

After stopping by daddy's work to say hi, we headed home for naps not taken and then played outside for a few hours in the sunshine. Upon promising popsicles to the twinsies, I headed inside only to realize that I had locked myself out of the house with a phone about to die and a husband not due home for another four hours. 


So I did what any good Alias fan would do, I channeled my inner Sydney Bristow and found a gift card in the trash can and picked the lock. Y'all. I was so proud of myself that I plugged my phone in and immediately texted Ben bragging at how legit I was for picking a lock. Meanwhile my children were angry little elves that they hadn't received their promised popsicles during my shining moment. So I grabbed the popsicles, my phone, and went outside... only to shut the door and lock myself out again. 

Yes, you read that right. I locked myself out again. The me that existed before sleepless nights and had extremely organized grad school notes is in denial of what she's turned into. She's dying. And I totally could've kept it under wraps, except for that I was TOO busy bragging... and then I was locked out again. 

No worries, Sydney Bristow kicked in again and we got in... just in time for the girls to refresh themselves from Hank's water bowl. Have I mentioned their fav new thing is to (a) take their clothes off and when they aren't doing that they're (b) pretending they're dogs? 

I mean y'all. My days are far from mundane. FAR from it. 

But I love it. Oh so much. These crazy days are precious and I am learning to treasure the crazy and lack of mundane. The tantrums and the quarrels and the laughing and the hugging. All of it mixed in with little sleep and lots of love. Some people looking in probably think it's crazy, but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Much love,

Posted on May 13, 2015 .