This year our church is going over #TheWholeStory of the Bible & has encouraged us to read through the whole Bible in one year.

And I am LOVING this series and and loving reading my Bible...


I'll be honest... I didn't want to do it today. The girls are finally napping, my house is a wreck and my list is long. Not to mention I'd love to be sleeping too. And maybe it's just that misery loves company, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not the only one already struggling to keep up.

But that's the secret about worthwhile goals, the daily grind, the consistency, the showing up part... Some days it's hard but oh man is it worth it.

Reading the Bible is like training for a marathon. It's never about how fast you speed through it. It's not about never missing a day of training. It's about the consistent decision over many days, weeks, and months  to put your feet to the pavement and set aside time in your schedule to run. Everyone wants the thrill of the finish line, but few experience the glory that is waiting at the end.

And something like this is so much more than an accomplishment like finishing a marathon... It's spiritual nourishment. It's time with a good and loving God. It's crucial to our spiritual survival.

At the end of this year I want to know God more. I want to close 2016 out saying that I sought after Him fiercely. That I chose Him over many other important things (like sleep... And laundry... And a clean house... And tv... And writing... And a thousand other good things). But some days I'm going to fail, some days I'm going to win, and other days it won't even be a struggle. But the key is...

Keep running.

Keep reading.

Hop back on that horse.

Don't give up.

We can do this together.

And I just wanted to be honest about the struggle I had today...Because I think sometimes amidst the Instagram and Facebook pictures of marked up Bibles and cute coffee mugs, the highs and lows of the journey can be lost in the pixels.

So today... Be encouraged to jump back on that horse. Whatever it looks like for you, make the time to open your Bible and get a glimpse of #thewholestory.

Much love,


Posted on January 13, 2016 .