Adoption & The Incarnation

Hey y'all, I'm over at Gentle Leading's Advent Devotional talking about Adoption & the Incarnation. Here's a little snidbit, but if you want to read the rest of it... go on over and check it out!

"Earlier this year, something incredible happened to our family. We grew through the gift of adoption.

As I sat in the hospital rocking my son, flesh of someone else’s flesh, I felt the most incredible joy looking at his face, making note of every feature. We counted his toes and kissed his forehead. We noted every baby wrinkle and learned the sound of his (very loud) cries. You see we were strangers, and yet we were family. Adoption is beautifully bizarre in that way.

Nurses, enjoying seeing a family united, would frequently come in and tell us how beautiful he was. They were in awe of his big feet and fawned over his full head of hair. Curiosity and a genuine desire to see Jude thrive pushed them to come in with cups of coffee on their breaks to chat and observe this unlikely yet holy union. For the next five days we cocooned in a NICU hospital room, rocking him, changing diapers, tending to his every need. His tiny room didn’t have a bed so we arranged a room at the Ronald McDonald house that we never ended up using because we didn’t want to leave his side. It was as if we were making up for lost time.

Thus, through the bravery of a birth mom and a ferocious love from his parents, Jude became a Salmon. He was born with one name, but he left the hospital with another.

And because of the incarnation the same can be said of you..."

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Posted on December 20, 2016 .