3 kids and No Brain

Yall… We have 3 kids. I don't even know what to say. But PRAISE THE LORD, our third baby is HOME.

What a crazy season it’s been. I would love to divulge many of the details surrounding the birth of our son, but for now we gotta keep it hush until the legal process wraps things up. Unless a miracle happens, that could be a while so you’ll have to bear with us on the edited photos and hush hush stories til then. 

But just in case you’re wondering. Baby Brain isn’t just for those who experience pregnancy. Unfortunately it hits us adoptive mamas as well. I've determined that it's not how you have children... it's just the kids. They give us the crazy. Bless. So for those of you who need a good boost in self-esteem today… look no further. This half-brained crazy mama is gonna make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. 

Exhibit A:

Look at this lovely family photo, everyone is showered, has their hair done… oh wait… except 1 person. Yeah I know, the pic is in black and white... that's intentional. It's to hide the greasy hair and bad make-up job. MOST mamas shower and clean up before their photographer friends come over to take their pics. MOST mamas have the decency to do their hair. But not this mama. Nope. This mama tried to do the usual things a normal person does before getting their picture snapped (shower, hair, make-up), but NOPE… I just couldn’t pull it off. I was too busy staring at my 3rd child pinching myself wondering if he was really HERE. 

So yeah this is a #reallife moment captured on film (which I’m forever thankful for bc honestly, this is more what I look like on a daily basis anyways). And maybe I didn't look my best. And maybe I smelled like spit up. But this is one of my all time favorite photos because it's us. All of us. Salmon, party of 5. Mom-bun and all.  

Exhibit B: 

My house. y'all. If you've done laundry in the last month and put it away... feel really good about yourself. Seriously. All I can manage to do is snuggle this newborn all day long... I'm 98% certain fresh baby smell is a DRUG and I'm addicted. So I just hold him all day while our house deteriorates. My B. 

Exhibit C: 

I was texting a girlfriend this week about how I’m so out of whack calendar-wise… little did I know I was REALLY that out of whack. FOR REAL... baby brain aint no joke and it doesn't skip over adoptive mamas (unfortunately). 

Yesterday not only did I stand up a friend at the gym, BUT while I was catching up with a college friend who was in town for a work gig… THE DOORBELL RANG. Now, I was just thinking that the UPS man was about to lose his life because the twinadoes AND my sweet baby boy were sleeping, so I went to the door fuming (slash excited bc I heart packages) and looked through the peephole and SAW MY SOCIAL WORKER. 

YALL. I died. Right there on the spot. 


I can’t even. 

Evidently our first post-placement visit which I thought was the following evening… well… it was scheduled to happen right then. Oh did I mention Ben was at church? So I opened the door, smiled, and told her that I was an idiot and please do come in & let me call my husband home. Now, all of you people who have had social workers from the depths of you know where… you all are cringing right now. But let me tell something, our case worker is a SAINT. So I welcomed her into our home, which was significantly LESS CLEAN than when our homestudy was done (see Exhibit B), and she, my college buddy, and a late Ben, all sat down and had a great visit. 


Yall. I promise we are much more organized than we appear, but heaven help me, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind somewhere between August 2012 and Now. If you find it, tell it I’ll rejoin it in a solid 2 decades when my kids are in college and I’m sipping a margarita on the beach. 

So instead of posting pictures of our perfect adoption and polished family. This is our life now.


We are crazy. We are loud.  We haven’t showered in a long time. We are sleep deprived… BUT OH SO IN LOVE.

Peace out yall. 

Posted on March 17, 2016 .