June Links I love: Do Good Edition

Friends, our hearts are so heavy over here. Everyone is posting their take on how we should/shouldn't respond, and honestly many of them are SO SO helpful. But honestly, I just can't add anything more to the conversation other than I'm so devastated for the people of Orlando. I think our response as a family has been to just grieve. To listen and read the stories from the dear souls taken cruelly from this earth. To focus on LOVE, rather than fear or hate. To examine our own hearts to see if there are people groups that we intentionally OR unintentionally are prejudice against. To love each other bigger and hold each other tighter in honor of those families who have lost so much. 

I hope you won't find this post insincere, but there is little left to say other than I'm weeping with you all. Not every person needs to have a diatribe. So today instead of writing what's already been said, I'm posting things I love with the hope of spreading some joy on these dark days. So this edition of Links I Love is going to focus on people/organizations who are doing GOOD in our world. Because let's be real, on weeks like this one I need to be reminded that there are people out there fighting for good!

So without further adieu, here are some organizations/people I'm a big fan of these days!

More Clothing Co.

Instagram: @MoreClothing.Co

During my college years, I gave a speech on the power of purchasing for good. The whole premise was using our dollars wisely and choosing to shop at brands that were making a difference in the world. I featured a few brands that not a lot of folks had heard of yet (ahem, anyone heard of this tiny start-up called TOMS?).  What a difference a decade (or so) makes!

That concept has stuck with me over the years. Although I don't purchase EVERYTHING from a "do-good" company, I like to purchase from those types of companies whenever I can! So today, I have another small business that I believe in and want to support. 

More Clothing Co. focuses on ethically made men and women's clothing. They partner with amazing organizations to deliver fashionable and timeless clothing that is perfect for all you capsule wardrobe fans. 

Here's what Jeremiah Rizzo, one of the founders, had to say about their company:

"We believe that life is more than clothing, and you are more than a consumer. We believe we were made fore more than materialism, and self-focused living. Our clothing is more than a purchase, it's an act of love that says that the people who make are clothes are just as valuable as we are. We believe that there's more joy when we get outside of ourselves, love others, and live for something greater than ourselves. So we've partnered with amazing companies to offer you ethically-sourced, sustainable, quality-made, timeless clothing to help you simplify your wardrobe and get back to focusing on what matters.  

We know ethically made clothing costs more, and we're working to make it more accessible for people. We're also working to fight back against an industry that releases new items on a weekly basis and tells us that we can't wear the same outfit twice in one week. 

To that end we're working to help educate people on the harms of cheap clothes and fast fashion by allowing you to host a movie night and earn free clothing. We're also helping teach people how to create "capsule wardrobes"- small, but versatile wardrobes made up only of items you love, so you can spend more on ethical clothing, but buy less items, and de-clutter your heart and your wardrobe."

You can follow them on Facebook or check out their website HERE. And I don't ever do these things... because this blog IS NOT FOR ADVERTISING ITEMS, but when I talked with Jeremiah and told him I was featuring their company on the blog he offered a discount to The Sassy Salmon readers & first time purchasers. WHAT!? So cool!!!

So, if you see something on their site and want to purchase it, you can get 10% off by using the code "sassysalmon" So hop on over to More Clothing Co. and check them out!

More Clothing Co. 10% Discount Code: sassysalmon

The Adopt Shoppe

Instagram: @theadoptshoppe

I love love love following Kate on instagram. She is the owner and creator of The Adopt Shoppe on Etsy, but a lot of her items FLY OUT OF STOCK so quickly, so she uses Instagram to let all of us know when she's getting a shipment and having sales. Kate and her husband have both biological and adoptive children, and I love that she frequently supports other families who are in the adoption process via her shoppe. 

Her slogan is that she makes "billboards for your heart" based off of Prov. 6:21-22 "Bind them always on your heart; fasten them around your neck. When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awaken, they will speak to you."

And her necklaces do just that and man... they are TO DIE FOR. I love the verses that she picks and how each design is unique. These make great gifts and I love knowing that my purchase is going towards a pro-adoption family AND sometimes even directly goes to funding other families' adoptions!

Brave Love

Instagram: @joinbravelove

Y'all. If you follow me on instagram, you know how much I love this organization. But y'all, this is definitely someone you want to follow if you're remotely interested in adoption. Brave Love is a pro-adoption movement dedicated to changing the perception by acknowledging birth moms and their brave decision. You can learn more about the organization at their website or you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Alright! That's it for me! Hope you fall in love with these links as much as I have! As always, I am not being paid or compensated for any of the links I share and I keep it that way because I only promote links that I truly love and believe in! So y'all can trust me when I say... this junk is legit. ;)

It's been a rough week in our country, but today, let's fight for good and link arms with people who are doing great things in our world. Because doing good doesn't have to necessarily be a grand gesture, rather it can be something as simple as a being more intentional with our smiles and words, the money we spend, and the brands we support and follow. 

Much love to you all, and extra thoughts and prayers sent to our friends and family suffering in Orlando!




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