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An Anthem on Women's Day

It's Women's Day, and since we're in a season when what it means to be female is a hot topic, I wanted to spend a little time writing out a prayer here for you and the women in your life. I'll be honest, this originally started out as a prayer for my daughters, but as I began to think about it I realized I was praying for all of our daughters, our sisters, our mothers. All of us. So without further adieu, an anthem for my girls on Women's Day.


Happy Women's Day 2017,

May we be women who relish in who God made us to be, women who don't adhere to stereotypes, women who live lives full of joy, generously giving away the gifts that are entrusted to us.  

May we be strong women.

May we find that strength, real strength, isn't in getting our way or being right; it's found in being rooted in something greater than ourselves. May we learn that strength is both the grace to admit when we're wrong and the formidability to stand firmly for what is right. May we spend our strength and power for the good of others, rather than hoarding it for our personal gain.

May we always know that we are at our strongest when we are locked arm in arm with one another rather than pulling each other down to get to the top. 

May our steps be guided by a faith that knows that all things were created to worship. Our creativity, our gifts, our very breath was made to bring glory to God and point to His goodness. May we lead, write, sing, engineer, teach, dance, study, lift weights, run, paint, create, analyze, heal, assess, counsel, fix things, and fight for justice with our utmost. May we give our best not because we want to be better than whoever is standing to our left or right, but because we know that when we bring our best we lift each other up. We work hard to the glory of God, not man or woman's praise.  

May we LOVE our bodies and personalities and know that all of our quirks and differences make us beautiful. They point to a brilliant creator instead of a flawed design. 

May we cheer each other on, recognizing each other's gifts without a sense of jealousy. And when envy arrises, because it inevitably will, may we fight against it, ultimately choosing the betterment of others over ourselves. 

May we be women who love and know God's word and as a result are able to know and love each other fiercely. I pray that we are people who learn how to forgive and give grace like it's going out of style. What a world we could create if we loved and forgave like Jesus did!? 

May we be faithful with the lives and gifts we've each been given. I pray we look back at the end of our days and see a life well spent. May we be generous with our time, money, emotions, energy, and resources and spend them on things that matter. May our investment in each other and this world grow in generations to come. 

May we love God above all other things, looking to Him in every situation. Knowing that the highest highs and the lowest of lows were all ordained by Him. Because of that, we rest. We rest in a good Father and know that we are loved by Him. When suffering comes, we are grieved but not destroyed. We stand firmly rooted in truth amidst the torrential storms that life throws at us. 

May we do all this and more because we are women, made in God's image. We have gifts to offer our churches, our communities, our families, our schools, our politics, our world, because we were designed and gifted by the most loving and creative God on High.

Let that fuel us! 

In a generation that strives for recognition and the stage, let HIS LOVE motivate us to be faithful in both the little and big things, wherever He has placed us. 

We are women. Hear this roar. Our battlecry is not our own; it is soft and loud and humble and strong, and it proclaims that our God is GOOD. He restores all things. There is nothing too broken He can't fix. And one day He will right all wrongs. THIS IS OUR ANTHEM. It is our life's work. It is every thing we are working towards. 

We are women, smart, strong, beautiful, creative women. May we continue to be strong women with eyes focused on Jesus, looking to Him in all things. 

This, this is my prayer for you, for us. Happy Women's Day, my sisters!

Much Love,

My almost Facebook rant... #RightToLife

Yall, I don't get political on my blog... but I'm going to for the day. And it might make some of you new friends enemies... and I hope that isn't the case because I believe in a society where we can disagree (even quite passionately) & live together. This was almost a facebook status until my rational stopped my emotions from committing a serious social media crime (in my book). I abhor political facebook statuses. A LOT.  I didn't want to feel like a hypocrite,  alas I went to my blog instead. After all... it is my blog & I can do what I want to, do what I want to, do what I want to! You would write too if it happened to you. Oh wait... wrong song. Anyways the point is you can stop reading at any point and leave (whereas Facebook is a little in your face and a status can just POP up out of no where and assault your eyes ;) ). So I'm giving you fair warning. If you choose to read my blog - awesome. If you choose to stop now and come back later when it's a post full of cute pics of the twinsies - that's awesome too! If you choose to unfollow - that's ok too. It's a risk I'm going to take... although to be honest, we've got to get better about just shutting out people we disagree with. But the point is... you know yourself and know how much politics you can handle... so proceed accordingly.

If you read the news, you know that some political drama went down in Texas (and other areas of our country) this past week. Here's the thing... I just can't believe that having an abortion after 20 weeks is allowed in our world of science and technology.


I've seen ultrasounds of what two "fetuses" look like after 20 weeks. I've heard two precious hearts beat simultaneously. I've seen them kicking each other, bouncing on their sibling's head. I saw them, with my own eyes, interacting with each other inside my belly! I watched them suck their thumbs and learn to "drink" the amniotic fluid. I hurt for the women who have abortions (especially after 20 weeks), because I know that the lie of "it's only a fetus" just isn't true. The perks to having mono-di twins is that I got AWESOME high tech ultrasounds every other week and I got to watch these tiny lives develop and grow weekly. The truth is, there are few political "hills" I'm willing to die on... but this hill... this is one I'm not budging from. I'm all for women's rights to CHOOSE everything (equal jobs/pay, healthcare, birth control, EXCELLENT reproductive healthcare), but choosing to end a LIFE. Nope. Not budging. Wrong is wrong is wrong. Paint it however you like, but I've seen too much LIFE to be told otherwise.

The fact that we can't get a bill passed in some areas of our country to save babies that are being aborted AFTER 20 weeks BLOWS MY MIND.

IMG_0562Oh and one more thing... you tell me that an abortion is ok after 30 weeks and I'm not sure I'll be able to contain myself. I try to disagree respectfully. But alas, I've held two 3 1/2 lb LIVES in my arms and without a doubt, they were real babies. So it'll be pretty hard to convince me otherwise, and all those weeks nursing my sweet BABIES to health might make it a touchy issue. So if I get a twitch in my eye and look like I'm about to turn into an angry mama bear... you might want to give me a little space and allow me to cool down and remind myself of my goal to always disagree respectfully... even when discussing life & murder.

Ok. Rant done. I promise I won't get political on here again. But come on people...

Lord Jesus come quickly...

Picture 3

Posted on June 26, 2013 and filed under Culture.