Hello Wordpress World

Hello Wordpress World, Welcome to the rantings of my extremely average, incredibly awkward, mildly entertaining life.

This will be where I update you on our journeys while we're in the US finishing grad school & figuring out life. This blog will serve as an outlet for my thoughts, keeping up with Team Samaritan's Purse, and promotion of other blogs/websites that I love.

In short: I love life and wanted to share a glimpse of mine with you, especially those of you that are far away but near to my heart.

Previous posts: Secret is out, I had another blog at one time... then I got engaged and it died. Sorry. BUT, since I'm running for Samaritan's Purse again I wanted to include you on the emotional and physical thought processes I went through. So feel free to read through my 2009 "running" blog entries.

Much love to you all!


Posted on October 21, 2010 and filed under Ordinary Life.