On Sept. 18, 2010 Ben Salmon and I got hitched. For real. Crazy, I know. I have to admit, we LOVED our wedding weekend. For some people it's a stressful crazy time, and it was (a little, not too much) during the months leading up to it, but once we arrived in Kentucky we had the best weekend of our lives. Everything was smooth sailing and we were surrounded by our closest friends and family! I'm so thankful we had wonderful videographers and photographers to capture our special weekend. It was one of the best investments our parents made! That is for sure. :) So without further adieu, I'd like to share a few glimpses of our weekend with you.

Here is our Same Day Edit from Life Stage Films. Seriously, I can't stop watching it. Thank you so much Matt Davis and Life Stage Crew!


And here are some photos from the fabulous Brauns at Braun-Photography:

Thanks to everyone who helped make our weekend a relaxing and FUN celebration!

Much love, Brit

Posted on October 21, 2010 and filed under Marriage, Ordinary Life.