Etcetera Coffeehouse

Right before I moved away for college, Paducah KY got an AMAZING coffee shop. Etcetera Coffeehouse is the furthest thing from podunk and is definitely a favorite place to frequent when home. My only regret is that it is a good 15 min. drive from my parents. Today, Ben & I are spending the day studying, knocking out a few papers. Well, he's studying, I'm struggling. I can't seem to find my motivation to finish graduate school this year. It's going to happen... but I'm definitely kicking and screaming, telling myself to JUST write the papers... STRUGGLE.  All I want to do is read books off of "my" book list rather than the books/articles listed on the  syllabus. So right now I'm compromising and thus we have a blog entry. Hey, its writing... just not for seminary.

Anyways, coffeehouses like etcetera are rare, but they are even more rare in western Kentucky. So I wanted to share with you this little jewel in the arts district of Paducah, Ky.

They have homemade humus, bagels from Kirchhoff's Bakery and Deli (another great spot to visit in you're in the area), delicious apple butter, and AMAZING coffee. Seriously, they have the best vanilla lattes and bubble tea. Also, they rotate local art featuring student artists so you never know how it's going to be decorated when you arrive.

I love it here and wish I could export it to Raleigh... So if you're ever in Paducah and in need of a good coffeehouse, spend a couple of hours at Etcetera. Definitely worth your time.

Alright, back to writing papers... but before I go, here are few shots of this lovely place taken from my phone. Enjoy.

Much love, Brit

Posted on November 24, 2010 and filed under Family, Ordinary Life, Reviews.