I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Ok yall, sorry for the long hiatus. I got a little TOO caught up on resting/slacking during the break. Seriously though, it was fabulous. I should have blogged throughout it so I could update you thoroughly, but alas, I didn't. So in light of my lack of writing here is a quick recap of the greatest break thus far.

1. First Christmas with the Salmon's = awesome. They even added crab legs to their Christmas Eve menu in light of the Donald family's Christmas Eve tradition. :) I had such a great time spending a whole week with them!

2. I got a sewing machine from Ben for Christmas!! I'm pretty excited about tapping into my extremely hidden, totally buried creative side. I tried to make a pillow last night and well, let's just say that I won't be opening a store on Etsy any time soon. BUT I will keep you updated with pictures for your entertainment.

3. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal: AMAZING. The Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey Ride was by far a favorite of mine (that and Dragon Challenge - formerly known as the dueling dragons). We had Butterbeer (no worries SEBTS, it's a child's beverage), perused through Honeydukes and Zonkos, and completely familiarized ourselves with the world of Hogsmeade. It was grand.

3. State beat West Viriginia. It was cold, but oh so much fun to witness State beating West Virginia. Seeing as it was my first Bowl game, I now feel like a semi-real Wolfpack fan. I mean, I don't know how real one can be without receiving a degree from the university they're cheering for, but I'm awfully close.

4. We got our LifeStage full video for Christmas!!! Matt Davis and the LifeStage team is AMAZING. Even though they usually take 6 months, they busted ours out in 3 so Ma Salmon could surprise us! We watched both Kelly & Jeremy's and our own on Christmas Eve with the family. It was amazing!

5. Thanks to the gift I got Ben, I'm now conspiring on how I would break him out of prison if he ever was framed and wrongfully convicted of a crime: thank you Prison Break DVD set. And yes, we did spend quite a bit of time ALL DAY Saturday watching it. Seriously, we only took a dinner break to eat with friends and watch a movie... and then we were back on the couch again. I think I watched more TV in that one day than I did the entire Fall semester.

6. Road trip to/from Orlando with the Salmon crew: Hysterical. I now feel officially inducted into the Salmon family.

Ok, I think that's a fair review of the highlights. Overall it was a great first Christmas as a Salmon. I'll be better this week at writing... although it's going to be another whirlwind of a week. :) Nikki gets married & I leave for Central Asia on Saturday. More details will follow later...

Much Love and Happy New Year!


Posted on January 3, 2011 .