Chick-Fil-A - AntiGay?

In a recent New York Time's article, Kim Severson brings to light a recent accusation against one of my favorite fast food chains: Chick-Fil-A. Gay Rights activists have labeled the company as Anti-gay in light of their pro-family & extremely religious beliefs. In America, we're allowed freedom of religion without discrimination. Why is it that a corporation that wants to uphold Christian values is being criticized? Have they actually discriminated against the homosexual community or are they actually being discriminated for their religious views? The NYT definitely didn't bring any actual discrimination to light other than just making a strong case for the chain's Christian beliefs. Which, if they'd like to criticize that I'd like to remind them of the 1st Amendment.

Many people would suggest that all Christians are anti-gays. The NYT article definitely painted it that way:

“It [Chick-fil-a] literally leaves a bad taste because I know the people who are putting this food in my mouth actively loathe me,” he said. “I’m all for freedom of religion, it’s just that I know where I want my money to go and I don’t want my money to go.”

So in light of that, what exactly is "anti-gay?" I'm not sure how the homosexual community defines it, but I can tell you what it's not.  Anti-gay is NOT disagreeing with the homosexual community. The idea that disagreement equates hate or discrimination is ridiculous, yet this very idea has permeated our society.

One of the problems with our media and society is that they equate disagreement with hate when it comes to Christianity. If you disagree with homosexuality in the context of the Christian lifestyle, then you must hate the people who are living homosexual lifestyles! That is untrue and is poor logic. And ironically, like I stated last week, many of the people who are fighting for the rights of individuals are discriminating against the freedom of religion in the process. They've become Anti-Christians, Anti-Freedom of Religion.

Sigh... Yes, I would confess that there are certain sects of Christianity that "loathe" the homosexual community. For that, I would like to extend my deepest and most sincere apology. Their behavior is unacceptable and I am greatly ashamed of how they have behaved. But, I would also argue that there are many sects of Christians who love the homosexual community all the while upholding their religious belief that homosexuality is not permitted within the Christian lifestyle. If you have a problem with people peacefully believing that, then you have a problem with the 1st Amendment. There is room for peaceful disagreement within our constitution.

As for Chick-Fil-A, I commend them for sticking to their religious values. As long as they continue to "serve and value all people and treat everyone with honor, dignity and respect" like they promise, I will gladly give them my usual business and then some. As for the New York Times, I suggest they start writing better articles that define terms & establish facts rather than just reporting opinions.

I for one am off to go get a chick-fil-a milkshake as we speak. I need a mid-workday snack. :)

Posted on January 31, 2011 and filed under Culture, Ordinary Life, Reviews.