Random Thought Tuesday

Ok folks... so I know that technically, people who are good at writing blogs say that you should have a theme/topic and stick to it. BUT... I'm not trying to be a famous blogger. I'm just trying to share tidbits of my life along with my random thoughts on current topics. So if you're wondering why i don't follow that blogging rule, SORRY - not going to happen. :)

So in true form, today is going to be random... if you can't handle it, just scroll to the bottom, see the pretty burp cloths I made and then peace out.

Last night was AMAZING. I came home, skipped my run (ooops), & surprised Ben by having dinner ready for him when he got home. Then we did laundry together while listening to a few of my lectures for my online class (thank heavens I'm able to take online classes and multi-task). AND then, I watched my favorite guilty pleasure tv show and sewed the final burp cloth for the set for my sweet baby nephew (10 pts. for the person who guesses what my guilty pleasure show is!).

Seriously... it was a wonderful night. And look at these pretty burp cloths.

When I was single, my favorite nights were ones full of crazy fun activities. Days like this past Saturday (holler LION KING at the DPAC) would've been my favorite. And although I thoroughly LOVE those evenings, I've decided my favorite nights now are the most ordinary. The nights when we just eat, chill, do laundry, and just spend time together are my fav.

Anyways... I think I've got burp cloths down now. I have 2 more sets to make and then I might try a baby throw. Yay for having so many friends & fam that are preggers!

Posted on February 1, 2011 and filed under Family, Ordinary Life, Crafty.