World Water Day

This is going to be short and sweet and then hopefully tomorrow I'll catch you up on the crazy fun weekend I had with my friend Jenny from Dallas.

It's World Water Day (Say that 5 times real fast... if you're like me & struggled with r's, l's, and w's, for the first decade of your life... it's a challenge :)). If you're a frequent reader you know that I'm raising money for water projects in Kihuura, Uganda. May 1st is the big race day and so we're on the final leg of training and the final leg of fundraising.

Some quick facts:

Every 20 seconds, another child dies from a lack of life's basic necessity.

Every day, 6,000 people—most of them children—die from dirty water.

Providing clean water, coupled with heath and hygiene education, is one of the most preventative measure we can take in keeping our world from infectious disease.

Here's the deal...  I've got the mileage covered (or will at least TRY to :)), Samaritan's Purse has the strategy & people in place, all we need now is the funding. To be a part of our project and to contribute to World Water Day, click HERE.

much love - B


Posted on March 22, 2011 and filed under Running, Humanitarian.