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Running Shoes & the Wanderer

Yesterday the girls and I took a field trip to get a new pair of running shoes. Usually I go to a running store and get fitted and all that jazz... but who has time for that these days? I barely have time to recognize that my shoes are indeed over 2 years old and could be the main culprit in my post-pregnancy development of plantar fasciitis. So... being the loyal Brooks customer I am... I researched the type of shoe and insert I needed and then made a quick trip to Dicks to snag a pair in my new post-pregnancy size (really... who knew your feet change?! but cough, cough, Mom, I'm a size 8... just in case you ever needed it ;) ). Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 12.12.27 AMI REALLY wanted to buy some bright pink flashy Asics... but the #1 rule of running is buy a shoe for support/make not the color... so I got these gals instead. Strong and steady.

You're probably wondering... Is this blog post about my new shoes? No... but I'll get there.

Anyways, the mini Salmons and I were running around the store with a double stroller and to my disappointment we kept getting stuck. It was really quite depressing, yet GREAT for shopping restraint. I'd see a running skirt or shirt I'd wanna look at, and as soon as I'd start to head towards it... BAM. I'd get stuck in the aisle. Or... I'd go to try on some clothes and the stroller wouldn't fit through the door. I think my all time low was when an employee caught me trying to unlock and push the clothing stand out of the way so we could squeeze through. The awkward "Uh-hem, may I help you with something?" was the polite way of saying, "Uh-hem... What the heck?! Could you stop moving our merchandise around the store?" The man didn't quite like my response of "Sure, could you watch my babies real quick while I go grab a shirt or two in that section? Thanks." Before he could explain that baby sitting wasn't in his job description, I sprinted to the shirts grabbed one in every size and color and ran back to my stroller to relieve the poor guy. (and the sad thing was it was all in vain... I didn't end up getting any of them).

All that to say, it was a successful trip, but the entire time I was walking around I never quite fit anywhere. To make matters slightly more depressing... not only did I not fit anywhere... the athletic clothes I attempted to wear also didn't fit quite like they used to. The reality was... during this new stage of life, Brittany the mom, didn't quite blend in too well at Dicks.

So I bought my shoes and walked out into the rain and started unloading the girls into the mini. As I was putting them up, a police officer walked over to me and offered to help with my stroller. He was kind and gracious, and explained that he had two kids and knew how heavy some of the double strollers could be. And all of the sudden, I felt a bit more human again.

The analogy of shopping at Dick's quickly dissipates when talking about spiritual lives... but stay with me. I think in that moment at Dick's, the Lord was preparing me to be reminded of his love for the outcast and wanderer. In that moment, that police officer's kind gesture was more than just an offer to help. It was acknowledging that (a) what I was carrying was indeed heavy, and (b) he was willing to help. And just like that, I felt a little better about my trip to Dick's.

And it got me thinking about the folks that don't quite fit in within our spiritual communities.

All around us, there are a lot of people who are hurting from the realities of living in a broken world. When they come into our communities seeking Hope and Refuge, do we, the image bearers of Christ, reflect an unconditional love for people who might not look or act like us? Do we let them know that (a) yes, the reality of living in a broken world with a sin nature is indeed real and very heavy, but (b) you don't have to do it alone. Or do we intentionally or unintentionally make it difficult for them navigate our communities and get plugged in? Are we staying within our circles of comfortability, and as a result neglecting to display God's kindness to outsiders?

If I'm honest with you, I prefer to stay within my circle. I like my small group & I love sitting with them on Sunday. I love chatting with them before and afterwards, because if I'm being honest... my small group rocks. They're funny, crazy, ridiculous people, and I just really like being around them and for some crazy reason they let me stick around. And there is nothing wrong with any of that, but the Lord pricked my heart to pray for His eyes. Because Jesus, well, he loves the outsider. Look at the disciples He picked, the people He performed miracles on, the woman at the well, the people in His genealogy, the people He commands us to take care of (orphans and widows). Many of them are outsiders. And if Jesus loves the outsider, shouldn't I?

I recently read this quote by A.W. Tozer and I've been chewing on it for a few days...

"A man by his sin may waste himself, which is to waste that which on earth is most like God. This is man's greatest tragedy and God's heaviest grief."

As I write this I pray that our communities of faith will not forget whose image we were made in, and as a result, whose image we are reflecting. I pray that that truth will inspire us to reflect God's love for the wanderer.

I'm also praying that stores will widen their aisles for double strollers to fit so I can avoid awkwardly leaving my children with strangers again... Just sayin. You can't blame a girl for askin... after all... I have not because I ask not... ;)

Jk jk, but seriously.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and pray that we will all have opportunities to reflect God's love for the outsider these next few days.

Much love,

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That day @ Lake Lynn


Ok so last Monday was GOR-GEOUS. Am I right? Hello 70 degree weather and what a North Carolina March & April should look like... Oh southern Spring, thank you for returning to the 70's... now if you would FREAKIN' STAY this way... we'd all be forever grateful. Thanks. Sorry... a bit off topic...

ANYWAYS, I was excited to get outside, get some fresh air, and take the girls for a quick lil run. We have a few fav spots in Raleigh & Lake Lynn is definitely one of them. It is a short 2.18 mile loop that is just beautiful, plus it's not TOO flat and not TOO hilly. So I decided the girls and I would for a nice jog and enjoy the scenery & weather... man am I glad we did because HOLY COW... I had the best time that day @ Lake Lynn.


So the girls and I started off running and I kid you not, we got our first encounter with glory at about .5 miles in. We were coming across a bridge and ahead was a short hill... and down came running the most exuberant man I've ever seen. He was EXTREMELY happy to be running and very flamboyant. I loved him already before he even said a word. But as I spotted him and he spotted us... an explosion of happiness happened. He SPRINTED towards me yelling things like, "You GO mama, get your run on!" "OH MY GOSH... look at those beautiful babies!?" "Get it girl!" and a variety of other encouraging things! He was SO SO SO funny & I loved him for it. When he got to me he proceeded to turn around and run with me for a few feet yelling, "Yeah mama, GO GO GO GO GO! get your run on!" and then he turned around and yelled "Have a fabulous day!" I mean... at first I was like... Is this a joke? Is someone filming me for a tv show? But no. It was just an extremely happy man, who was spreading the love. How can you NOT smile at that? It was spectacular. I kept waiting for glitter to just fall from the sky.

If that was ALL that had happened, my run would have been fabulous... but there is more. I think I talked to someone at least every 1/2 mile which was awesome, but my second fav. runner person I talked to was to another woman I spotted early on in my run. In fact I saw her not long after I spoke to Mr. Fabulous. Again, she was coming in the opposite direction and you couldn't miss her.  She was dressed in sweats head to toe (it's 70 degrees people), and was jogging and punching the air at the same time. She was STRAIGHT getting it. So as we passed I smiled at her, determined to spread the joy of Mr. Fabulous on, but we simply just did the runner nod and smile and then went on. Well, fortunately I passed her again on lap two and again, we did the runner smile & nod but it was a bit more expressive...  and although I was tempted to high five her... I restrained and just kept going. BUT fate would so join us together because AGAIN I had the opportunity of seeing her at the end of my run (we finished at the same time). She came up to me and our conversation went like this:

Ms. Fabulous: "Yo girl, way to work them baby pounds off... You see me? You see these gut and thighs (dramatically grabbing thighs and belly)? Well this is all baby... but my baby was 10 years ago and I never got it off so I'm havin' to work twice as hard now!"

Me: "Girl, I saw you straight getting it! You were working hard! I saw you punching the air, you're doing awesome..."

And before I could finish my sentence and ask her how long she's been running she interrupts and says, "Oh honey, I wasn't punching no air, that was my ex-husband's face."

To which we both die laughing.

I mean, to have those TWO hysterical encounters and a half a dozen other kind encounters during my run makes for an AMAZING day @ lake lynn. Am I right? Oh and we also saw these awesome turtles straight sun-bathing and talked to a nature-photographer.


It was great. Like really great... Like so great that I wanted to actually blog about it and preserve that day in my memory forever. And I'm hoping that since it's supposed to be pretty again this week, we might adventure that way again and I'm praying for another fabulous run with fabulous people. We shall see!

Either way, Happy Monday Yall!

Much love,

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Color Me Rad & Easter

Happy Easter Everyone (a few days late... I know... I know)!

I know it's a little late for an Easter post... but I'm going to rock one anyways. :)

I had a fantastic weekend celebrating Easter... and one of the highlights was celebrating the birthday of a good friend, Kristi! Kristi is a fun-loving friend of mine and I pretty much adore her. One of the things I love about her is her LOVE for all things fun in life. I know, with certainty, that if I'm doing something with Kristi, by golly it is going to be a good time. So when Kristi mentioned that for her birthday she wanted to start a new year with a Color Me Rad run... I thought it was brilliant, but didn't think I could pull it off with the girls. So when I found out that my inlaws were in town and able to keep them... I WAS PUMPED.

So we (Me, Kristi, & her hubby Jake) got up early... drove to Greensboro, NC... Zumba'd a little during the pre-race party... and then we were off to run a 5k while having folks throw colored corn-starch at us. Needless to say... it was a pretty awesome time!


If you have the chance to run one of these fun-loving races... DO IT!!! & do it with someone fun... like Kristi! ;)

Then Mil & Pil and some close friends in our small group spent Easter Sunday with us! It was great! The girls received their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny (aka... KiKi & Gdaddy) and they were adorable to watch! They loved playing with all of the packaging!


Then since someone (and by someone I mean... me) OVERSLEPT on Easter Sunday (let's just take a moment to talk about that... WHO SLEEPS IN ON THEIR BABIES' FIRST EASTER????... My in laws were taking the first feeding... bless their souls... so I hit the snooze button and then assumed I would just lay there for a few seconds... it didn't happen like that... 50 minutes after I hit the snooze button I woke up in a panic) we only had 40 minutes to get all of our Easter rituals done and get ready and leave for church. So all that to say we didn't get a lot of pics of the girls in their Easter dresses. :( Mil & I had gone shopping last week in search of Easter dresses and I have to say that I LOVE what we found. Yet because we were in a hurry, we only took pictures on our iPhones, but no worries... I plan on sticking the girls in them again here in the next week to capture some of the details with a better camera. We did get a quick family photo though! I think this was right before Felicity (right) spit up all over the Mister as we were getting ready to walk out the door. Classic! :)


The Easter sermon was really good, although I must confess I have a hard time paying attention when we bring the girls into the service with us. I am SO ready to be able to put them into the church nursery! But still, even though I was slightly distracted, I was still really encouraged! Plus our church had over 170 folks baptized! A-may-zing.

Alright... that was our Easter weekend in a nutshell! Much love to you all! He is Risen!

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