"We're going to State!"

My parents have extremely embarrassing video footage of me at my high school volleyball tournament yelling "WE'RE GOING TO STATE!!!!!!!!" in the hugest Kentucky hick accent. I sounded and looked ridiculous... just ask everyone at my rehearsal dinner at our wedding. Yes, my parents thought that was the perfect time to bring out the home videos... (there was also a video of me in 6th grade, in a lime green one piece, acting a fool on the beach yelling "I'm sand girl, protector of the beach!"... but that's a whole different blog post that will hopefully forever stay unwritten). This is all going to come back around... I promise.


Last week I said I had a very important announcement to make... and I'm pretty excited about it. Over the past few months, as we near our graduation from seminary, The Mister and I have been debating on what to do with our lives. Prior to getting married, I was on the fast track to Africa. And although my love for missions hasn't diminished, it just looks a bit different now. Our current plan is to stay in the Raleigh area for the time which means that I have to figure out how I can apply an MA in Intercultural Studies to everyday life in Raleigh. Soooooooo... after job searching and a LOT of prayer it looks like I'm (drum roll...)

I'm going to STATE!

NC State that is. That's right folks, Mark Gottfried isn't going to be the only new person on campus this fall.

This summer I'm going to start the MA in Teaching with a focus in English as a Second Language program. This way, rather than working an administrative position with a company that works our international guests, I'll be able to work with people first-hand. Also, if the husband and I do end up living overseas I'll be able to snag an ESL job almost anywhere! :)

Either way, the mister and I are pretty excited about living in our community and getting to know people from different countries and backgrounds! And if you know the Salmon's, you KNOW that my in-laws are absolutely ecstatic that all of their children will have degrees from NC State (Whit, pressures on bro. You gotta marry a pack girl or convert one).

We all thought I became a Salmon on Sept. 18th, but no, it will actually be May 23rd... my first day of class.

In summary: I'm GOING TO STATE!!!!

Go WolfPack.

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