Allison's Cookies

Ok folks it's friday...


This pic has nothing to do with this post... but I found it today and was dying laughing. Plus I feel like it accurately represents my feelings on it being FRIDAY!!!!!!! I do hope that your friday is full of many of the emotions captured in this picture... hehehe :)

Ok... back to the purpose of this post.

It's Friday. Fridays are fun. You know what else is fun (other than that photo up there?)... cookies. Specifically Allison's Cookies.

I don't know if it's possible to rightly articulate how much I love these cookies, but I'm going to try.

The thing about my relationship with sugar cookies is that before eating Allison's Cookies I wasn't a HUGE fan. I mean, I'd eat 'em but it wasn't anything I'd crave. After trying Allison's Cookies, I'm hooked. These cookies aren't only delicious, but they're gorgeous (and affordable)!

Allison made these sugar cookies for a baby shower we threw a few weeks ago and they were a HUGE hit. Seriously, I was hoping to take home the leftovers but sadly all that was left on my platter were tiny little crumbs (and yes, maybe I did lick the plates for crumbs... don't judge).

But seriously, you should go to her website and see all of the different shapes and designs she has. My favorite is for the wedding and lingerie showers. :)  But I also think the Shamrock's and the Sports ones are AMAZING.

All that to say... It's Friday, you deserve a treat and this is definitely a treat you'll thank me for later!

Visit Allison's Cookies and have a Happy Friday!

Posted on April 7, 2011 and filed under Food, Reviews.