Today's the day! My first day of Staycation Week! :)

In light of my days at work being numbered, I thought I would use some of my PTO to get some much needed writing done on an Independent Study that I must finish in the next few weeks. Seriously... LOTS of reading and writing HAVE to get done. Which means that I'm stationed at a Bruegger's eating carbs, drinking coffee, and praying my papers will write themselves (I'm also blogging, surfing the web, online window shopping, did I mention blogging, and taking photos of myself with my mac??? don't judge me... I'm the queen of procrastination see exhibit A).

exhibit A

Anyways, while I'm procrastinating I thought I would catch you up on the weekend. A few great things happened:

1. One of our friends was at the Gospel Coalition conference this past week, so we thought we'd have a welcome home party for him at the airport. Who doesn't love a welcoming party at the airport?


I mean, who wouldn't be surprised to see these happy faces waiting for them:

Airport reunions are the best!

2.  Friday we went to the State vs. UNC baseball game and watched the pack pull out a W! We had a great time with Ben's parents, brother, & the Roarks. It was especially entertaining introducing Em and the boys to Mr. Wolf. It was awesome, if Mr. Wolf got within 10 feet of Em, she would let him know it was a little too close. Amazing. Needless to say we only got a pic of one of the Roark kiddos with the wolf:

The boys eyeing the wolf trying to figure out whether or not they want to hug him...

H. cozied up to him a bit... and by cozied I mean stood within a few feet of him. :)

3. Holy Tornado. I don't know where yall were on Saturday... but if you were in N. Carolina you know that we had some serious weather issues. Needless to say my 20 mile run happened inside. I would fill you in on the details, but I'm in a positive mood. No need to relive the run from you know where. I will tell you that it involved getting started 2 hrs. later than I hoped, a tornado, a treadmill, electricity going out, running in the dark at a gym, and a borrowed Ipad, to watch movies, not working.  All that to say... I eventually finished my 20 miles... Praise God. I can only hope that race day holds better circumstances.

4. Baby Jacob was born! Our sweet friends, Chris and Marie (remember the baby shower we hosted a few weeks ago??), had a HUGE baby boy yesterday. He's precious & we couldn't be more happy for them!

Alright... I think that's a good recap of the past few days! I do need to actually get some writing done... Must graduate. So I'll leave you with this:

BYE!!!!! Much love!

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