A week of lasts...

Well, after three years at Southeastern Seminary's Center for Great Commission Studies office (fancy name for the missions office)... it is time to say goodbye. The hubs and I are graduating and it's time we leave the seminary world.

It's been a week of lasts. Last chapel, last Monday, last chapel spotlight, last emails, last pot of coffee made, etc... but now that today is here, I'm getting a little sentimental about it! Don't get me wrong, I'm SUPER pumped about the future, but there are moments when I'm sad that I won't be seeing the same faces that I've seen 5 days a week for the past 3 years of my life. The folks in this office have been fantastic to not just work with, but build friendships with... I mean seriously... check out this photo of us with my boss and his wife.

They are amazing. :)

So today... I say goodbye as the Mister and I start a new chapter in our lives these next few months. It's sad but it's also exciting. :)

In celebration of today being my last day and having only ONE week before I start classes at NC STATE, I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow to have some vacation/recovery time with the family. Where am I headed???? My Ole' Kentucky home!!!!!!!!!!!  of course.

I'm sure I'll be giving you updates while I'm here, but I can't wait to do the following:

Lay out HERE:

Kiss these faces:

Catch up NON-STOP with these people:

Grab Coffee at Etcetera with this woman (hopefully):

Love on all three of these fellas:

And maybe recreate this photo:

Most of all... I just can't wait to be HOME.

It's been too long... I miss being with people who have known me for YEARS upon YEARS. You know, the folks who saw you in middle school and still chose to be friends with you despite it all... I miss them (yes I'm talking about you Lacey Baker). I'm super excited to hold my nephews, hang out with my parents, visit folks from my home church, and maybe even get to the Calvert City Drive-in Movie Theater (PLEASE be open).

Although I love Raleigh... there's really no place like home...

I'll either see you on the flip side OR might update you from there. We'll just have to wait and see. :) Much love - B

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