Chick-Fil-A & the Mister

Alright yall... remember that lil' teaser I tossed out a while ago about how I loved Chick Fil A but wasn't sharing why until a later date??? Well... today's the day I'm coming clean... but first off...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST husband I've ever had!!!!!

But seriously, I love this man. I love the laughter and joy that he brings to my life. So happy birthday to my husband and my best friend. :)

Ok... Onto the Chick Fil A news... (drum roll...........)

The Husband has recently accepted a job at CFA and we're pretty pumped about it! He's starting as a manager with the hopes of working up the ladder and owning/operating one eventually. We're pretty excited... here are the multiple reasons why:

1. I don't think you can fully understand how much I adore Chick Fil A sauce. I could put a straw in it and drink it... but thankfully the Mister won't let me.

2. Ever heard of a Cookies & Cream milkshake? If you haven't had one from Chick Fil A, well... the answer is no.

3. I'm secretly hoping to get to wear the Cow suit at least once in my lifetime.

4. CFA Diet Lemonade. Enough said.

5. When I was an intern in college for a student leadership organization, we had CFA vice presidents come and speak to our students weekly. Out of all the speakers I worked with, my two favorites were CFA vp's and Cedarville University's president, Dr. Bill Brown. These guys were gracious & truly displayed servant leadership. Some speakers came in with a sense of entitlement, these guys came in with an attitude to serve and bless others. It was so encouraging to see men in "high places" exude humility and leadership simultaneously. It's an organization that the mister and I are thrilled to work for.

6. Did I mention the Spicy Chicken Sandwich? Did I also mention that some Chick Fil A's will serve them grilled??? HOLY COW! (pun intended).

7. I love how Chick Fil A serves their community in a variety of ways! Check out how a few local CFA's served our military and their spouses. If you know me, you know that I love a good for-profit company that gives back consistently (and more than just financially).

8. "It's my pleasure"

9. Their salads include lettuce that is actually green... not brown/yellow/or white.

10. Chick Fil A Chick-n-minis for breakfast. I know I should only eat three... but I usually want a dozen. (yes... I do realize that I have a problem).

11. I know this is dumb... but I really REALLY love the Chick Fil A meal calculator. :) Seriously... I love it... but just so you know I pretend that it's wrong when I look at the milkshake #'s... Denial... embrace it.

Ok... that's just a few reasons why I love that the Mister & I are checking out the Chick Fil A business. He starts June 1st and we are PUMPED.

Happy Thursday!!!

Posted on May 12, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life.