My brother found my camera...

Alright yall... Sorry I've been MIA this week. Although I hope you enjoyed Monday's post with the boody shakin' and all. Anyways, the husband and I are heading to a marriage retreat today and yesterday we spent the day catching up so needless to say, blogging wasn't at the top of my list as sooooooon as I got home. :)

I promise I'll have a full post of this crazy fun week sometime on Monday... BUT to hold you over I have to share with you these photos.

While I was out to coffee with a friend in Kentucky, my brother found my camera... and this is what happened:

 ooooooh... a camera

Aren't I handsome sis???

Check out my nose hair...

What?! you have a blog???

Fine, I'll take a pretty shot for all your blogger friends...

And then I'll show 'em THIS!!!!

Just kiddin! It was only my arm...

Yall... these weren't the only the photos I found... just a select few I decided to post. :) And then I have one of my own I'd like to add...

Hehehehe... yes, that is my brother in a pink cowboy hat riding a girly pony... :)

All this to say, my brother is awesome and I LOVED getting to spend time with him and the rest of my family this week. LOVED it.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends and I will see you on the other side!

Much love - B

ps. today is technically graduation day from seminary... HOLLER! Ben & I counted Tuesday as our last day since that's when we finished our last assignments. Either way.... Happy 2nd Graduation day to us! We are DONE!

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