First day of School (& other things)

Alright folks... We've got a lot to cover today in order for me to catch you up. So I'm going to try to make this concise, but this last week has been packed. Family & Kentucky

I had such a great time with my family in KY. Seriously - they're nuts. Every time I come home the house is usually packed with umpteen thousand kids, lots of adults, and a TON of food. So how could I not be content?

We celebrated Eli's birthday.

He got to ride the lawn mower and was pretty excited about it. Also, that's the face he makes when we tell him to "cheese." adorable, right?

Lots of holding this little guy went on.

and the family definitely recreated one of my fav. family photos. with our recent additions. Sadly the mister couldn't come to KY with me... so he was left out. :(

But seriously... Crazy Aunt B was in heaven... Just look at these guys. Josiah (the baby) is obviously having a good time.

Marriage Retreat

THEN... as soon as I got back we breathed for a day and then hopped in the car and headed to Caswell Beach. A few things about this... (1). I love North Carolina. I love its beaches, its mountains, and its fabulous cities in between. Really... I love this state. (2). I'm pretty sure we were the youngest couple there (by at least 10 years) and one of the few couples without kiddos. AMAZING. (3). I am kicking myself because I left my camera at home (boooo) and we stayed at this beautiful fort and there were lots of dolphins and we ate at this great restaurant... (and yes I am whining.)  This probably would've gotten its own blog entry if there had been pics. It was just SO pretty. So I told the hubs that we HAVE to go again so I can share its beauty with you.


Today is the day. It's MY FIRST DAY of school (only 2 days after I technically just graduated... crazy... i know).

Today is the day I throw on a Wolfpack tshirt, drive myself downtown, and find my way to my first NC State class. I've read the chapters, I have a cute notebook, and a few of my favorite pens... so I'm allllllllll set. Now I just have to play nice and make friends with the other students... We'll see how it goes!

Alright yall... that's it here.  I told you I'd try to be concise... Happppppy Monday!

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