White Lake Review

Alright folks... this is definitely going to be a picture heavy post. Just warning you! :)

This past week we decided to go to White lake for the weekend. Of course starting the weekend early (Thursday) and stretching it 'til Tuesday. So I'm going to try to give the "weekend" a fair review but since technically my weekend almost lasted a week, it might be tough.


Nick & Allison helped us kick off our holiday weekend. Here's the thing, they are dabomb.com (yes, I did just say that... no judgement zone). Seriously fantastic, just look at them.

Yes, they are as fun as they look.

So we were there for about 30 minutes (ok maybe an hour) before we lost the boat. Yes, you heard me correctly... we lost the boat. The mister had let the boat down and then we ran inside to grab a few drinks, and it somehow slipped right out of the dock... into the lake. When we walked out and saw an empty dock... The hubs about had a heart attack until we saw it drifting in the horizon. hehehehe... Needless to say the mister jumped right in, swam to it, and brought the boat back while Nick, Allison, and I tried not to wet ourselves while laughing.

So we retrieved the boat and basically spent our day between laying on the dock and going for relaxing joy rides around the lake. Mister especially enjoyed the rides while wearing my "adult onesie" on his head... It's a romper, and I like it... so there.

Photo on the left provided by Old Navy, thank you. Photo on the right provided by your one and only Sassy.

All that to say... we had a great time on Thursday. The perfect way to kick off a relaxing weekend.


You're just going to have to wait for that... it gets it's own post. Friday we went to Ben's Uncle Willy's Blueberry farm. If you know me and know that I have an unhealthy obsession with fruit (specifically blueberries and strawberries), then you know that this was a big day for me. Get excited... blueberry farms are - once again - dabomb.

Friday night - Monday

Oh goodness... late Friday some friends arrived. And by "some" I mean 4 couples and 2 babies. :) Look at these cuties... seriously, it's a shame our friends can't produce good looking kids. ;)


I mean... seriously... adorable.

The rest of the weekend included boating, eating, laying out, eating, reading, eating, laying out some more, eating, and great conversations with some amazing friends. :) Oh, and watching the boys goof off and do things like this:

It was really a lot of fun. A lot of fun.

We held babies (the mister is just so handsome in this photo I had to share it):

Laid out:

Chased Turtles and Rainbows (literally):

See how there's two in the photo above?? :)

And sang kumbaya. Ok, maybe we didn't do that... but we did have a really good time.

Then Monday evening, after everyone left, the husband and I had a relaxing evening to ourselves at the lake house. It was so nice! We cleaned up, made dinner, finished our Prison Break series (don't get me going on the ending... so upsetting), and then packed up for our departure the following day.

It was a WONDERFUL Memorial Day weekend. WONDERFUL.  It was SO wonderful that it took me a few days to get this post up about it. ;)

Alright, now that you're all pictured out and I'm tired of uploading a bagillion photos, I'm going to finish a project. But I hope that you all are doing well and had great memorial days as well. I thoroughly enjoyed getting back here and catching up on your lives via your blogs. ;) Much love - B

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