Happy National Running Day!!

I'm sorry. Really. I am. I've discovered that I am the WORST blogger while traveling - and I think I'm ok with it, but I do have a bit of blogger's remorse when I'm repeatedly absent. But I'm back... and I'm working on my posts with pictures from our fantastic get away with friends this past weekend. Well it was technically supposed to just be a weekend, but we kept adding days to it... SO it was more like a get away 5/7 of a week. :)

BUT to hold you over I have something special for you runners (or for those of you are flirting with the idea of becoming a runner). OK... maybe I don't have something for you, but the folks at The Rock n' Roll Marathon Series do.

*photo by Rock n Roll Marathon Series

If you sign up for a race TODAY you can:

SAVE $26 on any Marathon SAVE $13 on any Half Marathon SAVE $10 on any 10K SAVE $5 on any 5K

What a great deal?! I, for one, have my sights set on the Nov. 5th Savannah, GA 1/2 marathon, but I have to convince the mister to miss a HOME NC State vs. UNC football game. I don't think the odds are in my favor... but hey... a girl can beg and plead. Right?

The Rock n' Roll series folks really know how to put on a great race. I've loved all of the ones I've ran and highly recommend them for new runners. The atmosphere is upbeat and encouraging, and the music along the way is fantastic.

SOOOOO if you're needing one last push or bit of motivation - save some $ and sign up TODAY! and hopefully I'll see you in Savannah. ;)

Much love- B

Posted on June 1, 2011 and filed under Running.