Sewtatsic Friday...

Do you know those friends that you can do/say just about anything around? It takes time to develop a relationship like that so when you move states/cities, you gotta give yourself a few years/decades to get some history. Since living in Raleigh, I've developed some GREAT friends... GREAT friends, but it's hard to compare the level of comfortability of a person you lived with for years. Thankfully, I do have ONE college housemate/girlfriend who lives in the area. So every now and then when she comes over we revert back into our college ways.

All that to say, yesterday, Cory came over to catch up and go to the pool... and I answered the door in my pajamas. Now, I didn't think anything of it because it was Cory, but as I was standing there offering her some pie I realized that I haven't done that in a VERY long while. There are VERY few people who I would schedule a get together with and answer the door with only my teeth brushed and in a nighty. Perhaps it's because we did things like this...

... and we've already seen each other at our best and worst... so answering the door in my pj's and then staying in them all day with her there just seemed natural. All that to say, it was GLORIOUS. If only we actually had been skipping class and watching Gilmore Girls or Friends reruns... I would've thought I was 20 again!

We had planned to hit up the pool, but when she showed up with  a multitude of  fabrics and fun things to sew I was ALL over that. Cory was making a handmade mobile for her future niece/nephew (gender is a surprise!) and needed a machine and some other sewing tools. So we skipped the pool and opted to sew all day. It was SO much fun.

I can't show you the picture of her mobile yet because her sister hasn't seen it, but seriously... it was AMAZING. SO cool. Such a great sewing idea. So while she was getting her creativity on, I thought I would tackle a few projects as well.

I decided to make a nursing cover (which I'm tempted to call 'em boobie blankets or tata throws... thoughts? :)) for Cory's sister and a matching burp cloth, and I added a few finishing touches to some burp cloths I had made for one of the Mister's co-workers.

Here are pics of the final products...

Burp cloths for coworker's baby:

These were some of my favorite I've made thus far! I just LOVE the brown and blue together. Great colors for a little boy but cute enough for mommy. ;)

The Boobie Blanket (seriously... what do we thing about that??? TaTa Throws? Hooter Hider? Thoughts?) and matching burp cloth:

This cover seriously has a special place in my heart. First off, it's for Cory's sister's shower who requested a "earthy & organic & gender neutral" shower... Perfect fabric right? Second, it is the first time I've made a cover with TWO fabrics. :) I made the straps and stripe with the fun hippy flowers, and used a solid brown with a small floral print for the main body. So I'm a little partial towards it.

I just really love that fun and earthy floral print! I just had to make a matching burp cloth for it.

And instead of terry cloth, I sewed on 2 minky corner pockets on the inside of the cover to hold nursing pads or the pacifier while nursing. I'm trying to figure out how I can make myself a minky blanket... I mean, I know that technically it's used for babies, toddlers, and young children... but seriously it is SO soft. I just want to WRAP myself in minky. Don't judge me.

All and all, it was a very productive Friday despite staying in my pajamas for the entirety of Cory's stay. Staying Pj's, Eating homemade lemon blueberry pie (from the mother in law), While catching up on life, and Making gifts for family and friends = EXCELLENT DAY.

But seriously... I gotta come up with a name for the nursing covers... Any ideas???

Much love.

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