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Free Scripture Printables

24 Verses in Psalms to Memorize


I am so excited to share these with you because I have a confession to make.

Are you ready?

I am 100% horrible about Scripture memorization. Like quite actually the worst. I've been blaming it on sleep deprivation but the truth is, I've always been bad with memorizing details. You see, I'm more of a big picture kinda girl and my brain gets all wonky when I try to hang onto the little things. Like my keys... WHERE ARE THEY??? And names of people, Jesus take the Wheel I've started a NAMES notes section on my phone because I am just that bad and living in a new city... well that doesn't bode well for me. 

I like to think that my big-picture-gifting is awesome when I'm reading because I can outline exactly what the book is about and all it's main ideas, but please whatever you do don't quiz me on characters' names and other rather important but minor details. Ain't nobody got time for that... ok, well actually that's not true, a lot of people do. It just takes an INSANE amount of work on my behalf.

What I am trying to say is... memorizing Scripture is not my strong suit. HOWEVER, I am determined to overcome my brain's insufficiencies. 

So this past weekend I designed 24 Scripture Memorization Cards with some of my favorite passages in Psalms. I figured it's 2 passages a month so it's DOABLE for my sleepy memory and I wanted to make them pretty so I can washi tape them on mirrors or have them around the house and it not just be a 3x5 notecard (which is what I have currently by my kitchen sink so no judgement here for those of you who use that method too).

But when I was finished, I wanted to share them with you too!! 

Alas I give you these. 

Aren't they pretty??? 

(Ok, that feels a little braggy seeing as I designed them BUT I'm gonna leave it there anyways). 

They're 5.5 x 5.5 inches and you can print them on card stock (like the ones I found here) or just print them on paper, but if you are printing them at home (as opposed to using a printing service) be sure to change your printing settings to custom 5.5 x 5.5 or it'll print all wonky (like my memory). 

Y'all, these are 24 passages from Psalms that I really love. I spent a solid year reading through and studying Psalms and it revolutionized my walk with the Lord. That book has ministered to my soul in a variety of seasons and my prayer is that as you memorize these passages, they'll minister to you as well.

The Word is living and active and it doesn't return void! So for those of you who, like me, are frustrated with a lack of Scripture recall, take heart. The time you spend memorizing these verses is NOT in vain; even if it doesn't deliver the results you want, Scripture is having its way with you. 

24 Free Scripture printables

As I was designing these and reading through Psalms and picking the passages out, I was amazed at how some of these passages had taken root in my life. I might not be able to quote it to you... YET... but that time I spent studying has not returned void. 

Ok, so onto the logistics. WOMP WOMP. 

In order to get the goods, you just need to put your info. in the box at the end of this post! Fill out the form below and you should get an automatic email with a link to download the Free Printables (if you have problems, comment below or shoot me a message)!!

And because I feel this needs to be said, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE SPAM from me. I promise to NOT fill your inbox with junk or to send you things daily. Ain't nobody got time for that. Amiright? 

But what I do promise to do is get fresh blogposts in your inbox as soon as they're ready AND I like to make sure that my email subscribers are the first to know any good news (ahem, give-aways, surprises, special insider info, etc.). 

Also, if you do decide to join me in this - holler back! I'd love to hear your experiences, see pics of the memorization cards in your homes/cars/desks/etc. You can tag me on instagram or shoot me a message here

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OK, much love and happy memorizing! 


Falling Free - A Book Review & Giveaway

Preface :: Every now and then I get all crazy obsessive about a book or something and go ballistic on social media outlets. #Sorrynotsorry I just love sharing the things I love with you. But all that to say, I want to clarify again, this blog & my social media outlets are not for sale. I choose to NEVER get compensated for my reviews because I like to keep this space as authentic as possible. I want you to know and trust that when I say I love something, it’s because I REALLY LIKE IT, not because there’s an ulterior motive. This has been an intentional choice of mine… so carry on friends and know that I’m about to totally 186% recommend something, and regardless of whether you click on the link or not… I will still receive ZERO dollars at the end of the day. So you should probably just go ahead and click on the link and buy the book anyways. YOU’RE WELCOME.


Y’all, I posted an article by Shannan Martin a few weeks ago YELLING at you to go pre-order her book and I wasn’t kidding. I have officially finished Falling Free, and I cannot tell you how much I love it. (But I can tell you that if you’re related to me, there’s a 100% chance you’ll be getting this book for Christmas. So SURPRISE! Get excited.).

if you know me well, you know I love to read. A lot. And I’ve noticed a trend in Christian literature as of late. There are a lot books about Jesus that are inspiring, self-help books that give tips on how to make our Christian lives better. This book isn’t that; in fact it’s opposite. Falling Free is a memoir about how letting go of the perfect Christian life freed Shannan to live the life Christ had always called her to. In Falling Free you’ll hear stories of infertility, adoption, loss, hard relationships, beauty, meals spent with people with addictions, jail records, and sending kids to that school with the bad reviews. You'll hear her successes and her failures, her dreams and her crushed plans, but mostly you get a front row seat to God wrecking her calling and giving her a new one. It’s funny, relatable, but mostly convicting. 

In an age where the American dream is mixed together with Christian moralism, this book strips away our tendency for more and pushes for less. Shannan does a fantastic job at not writing a “how-to” book, but rather a collection of life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. Her storytelling inspires readers to pursue Jesus and his love for the marginalized, all the while examining our own hearts. 

Here are a few quotes from the book that hit home for me:

“It’s hard to pine for heaven when you already believe you’re there.”

(Oh OKAY Shannan, don't pull any punches now.)


“We so often say we believe that there is no safer place than the center of God’s will, but we refuse to believe he would ever lead us to places of brokenness or danger.”

(Welp, I had to sit on that one for a while & really evaluate my prayer for God's will in my life).


Y'all, as you can see from just the quotes... this book kicked my tail in the best of ways. 

So much of my hard-wiring as a southerner who values hospitality was challenged. Shannan’s realistic perspective about home, life, and community really convicted me to care less about what was served around the table and to care more about who should have a seat at the table. And as our family embarks on a move to Texas, it really has changed the way we look at the housing market, schools, church, and the many other choices we’ll make during this upcoming transition.

I could go on and on, but the truth is… you need this book. I need this book. The church needs this book. My only regret is that I haven’t lived a life that would qualify me able to write it. 

So do yourself a favor and meet Shannan Martin and pre-order Falling Free. You won’t regret it. 


And BECAUSE I LOVE YALL & IT SO STINKIN MUCH. I'm offering a give away over on Instagram. The rules are pretty simple:

1. Follow me on Instagram

2. Just comment on the post on Instagram and leave your email address in the comment below! If you don't want to post your email address publicly just DM it to me!

I'll post the winner on Friday by noon on Instagram. 

Much love y'all,

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Links I Love - May Edition

The internet can be a cruel place sometimes. I've chatted with multiple friends this week about how mean people can be when hiding behind the screen! There are SO many blogs that are 100% devoted to critiquing other blogs, ideas, people, etc. And I get it, every where we look we see broken pieces because we're living in a world that isn't whole. But at some point we have to realize that we're in that before/not yet place where we see glimpses of what's to come, but we're still stuck with our own and each others' imperfections. And there has got to be MORE grace, more cheering each other on. And when we disagree, let's do it with LOVE.

This idea got me thinking about my blog. About the space I want it to be. And this community that we've built together. 

Although this blog is 100% dedicated to truth telling, it is just as dedicated to cheering on others. Because the truth is, we could all use a few more cheerleaders in our corner. We all know what it's like when you're doing something hard and a friend comes alongside you and says, "I see you, I see what you're doing. And because of your hard work/creativity/perseverance, the world is a better place." It adds fuel to our dwindling fires and helps us light up this dark world.

I want this blog to do that for many of you. As a result, I'm starting a monthly tradition of Links I Love. It's going to be a short post connecting you to ANY link that I'm loving that month. It might be funny, deep, creative, ANYTHING. It's a way I can cheer others on in this crazy internet world and hopefully introduce you to some amazing new content and resources! 

So without further adieu, here are the links I'm loving this month:

Here are two blogs that I've really enjoyed about WOMEN. Yes, I'm sure your social media pages were inundated with Mother's Day posts, but these two were my favs. The first is I am woman Hear Me Roar  by Renee Fisher and it's about women's place in the church. I loved Renee's point of view and writing style and hope you will too! The second blog is 14 ways to Bless a Single Mom on Mother's Day. I really LOVED this post. So often we leave the celebrating of mothers to the husband and kiddos, but this was a helpful blog that pushed me to look for the single moms in my life and send them some love not just on Mothers Day, but any day! 

This VIDEO I watch at least once a month. Really, I'm not exaggerating. For anyone who is in a dark season, this video is for you. It gives me such perspective when I get down and focused on my own afflictions. Yes, it's long, but YOU HAVE TO PROMISE ME you'll at least watch it at least once in its entirety. Deal? Ok. 

Journaling Bibles have CHANGED the way I study the Bible. I've been reading through the Bible this year and it's been so encouraging to go back and reread passages and see what the Lord was teaching me, write down quotes from sermons, or make connections to different passages. I get asked all the time about my Bible and I have to say, these Bibles are my jam. If you're looking for a journaling bible check out Kristin Schmucker's shop

And last but not least, this post about a pregnant twin mom had me laughing OUT LOUD for hours. LITERALLY HOURS. If you don't appreciate bathroom humor... this probably isn't for you. It's title alone will give it away: The Day I Pooped My Closet. Enjoy!

And just like that, our first round of sharing links I love is DONE! Hopefully you'll love them as much as I do! And if you see something you'd love to share, feel free to do so in the comments or shoot it to me here!

Much love and Happy Clicking,

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