Fruit Rope Addiction

I think I've established how much of a fruit nut I am thus far... right? Need I remind you about my visit to a blueberry farm and my undying love for this strawberry salad? Well I guess it's time that you should also know that my love for fruity goodness spreads into fruit chews.  It's true, me and practically anything gummy/chewy/fruity go together like two peas in a pod. So when I went home to kentucky and my mom introduced me to Clif Bar & Comany's  Clif kid Organic Fruit Rope... I died and went to heaven. (A) I love CLIF BARS. (B) HOLY COW THEY MAKE FRUIT CHEWS.

Ok, so this is a shot of their website and I'm sure you've noticed by now that they are technically for kids. But that's just a mere technicality. I'm sure the fruit smiles (Wal Mart) and the Gushers are most likely meant to be found in elementary school children's lunch pales... But they can also be found in my cubbard... so don't judge me bc once you try 'em, you're going to be hooked too. Trust me.

Here's the great thing about 'em... they are made with real fruit AND have one serving of real fruit in them. You should also be made aware of their addictive power and delicious goodness. When I was in Kentucky, the kiddos were going crazy for them... but my sister-in-law and I were protecting the stash for ourselves. They are SO good.

Here's the bad thing about them... I can't find them ANYWHERE in Raleigh except for Caribou Coffee in which they want me to trade my arm for one fruit twist... and sadly, I considered it. The other night we were in Durham and I made the mister take me on a search through Whole Foods with the hopes of finding them in the Dirty-D... I left empty handed and broken hearted so I searched their location database (yes, I told you I have a problem). Technically the Whole Foods off of Wade is supposed to have them, but they must have been out of stock the day I went searching for them. So nonetheless, I'm keeping my eyes peeled in Raleigh... if you find them somewhere, holler. Loudly.

BUT then I was shopping in Target (which I really need to stop doing because I always leave with 12 things more than I intended to buy...) and I was checking for the 2nd time that week in the fruit snack section to see if they had magically stocked them overnight. The answer was still a sad no, but they had alternatives!


Clif must have done a great job because within just a few weeks of trying their twists, Target came out with a generic brand and General Mills Fruit Roll Ups got on board as well! And guess what?

Both are worth a serving of fruit as well!

To be honest, I still favor Clif's Fruit Ropes to the generic brands, BUT they are still very good and reasonable priced. I really liked Target's strawberry mango (of course I do... it has STRAWBERRIES in it) and I liked the Fruit Roll Ups packaging which is conducive for just tossing one in your purse for a snack. BUT Clif's have the best of both worlds, great flavor and conducive for on the go snacking.

So, if you're out in Raleigh at Wal Mart or Whole Foods and you see the Clif Kids Fruit Twists, PLEASE do me a favor and let me know. :) Or you can just buy me a box and I'll be forever in your debt. These things are awesome. Seriously.

That's all for today. Yours truly,

Clif Fruit Rope Addict

Posted on June 15, 2011 and filed under Food, Reviews.